Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Think Cure Volunteer Experience

Volunteering for the Think Cure at the Dodgers Stadium was great!
We all arrived ready to go and ready to start helping in anything we could.
As we arrived we were greeted by Ingrid and Jason who then gave us a Think Cure
volunteer t-shirts. Then we were given jobs and we started to get busy.

Jobs were either inputting data into the computer, collecting online donations, holding off the crowds that were forming to have a picture taken with the one and only Fernando Valenzuela.
Tommy Lasorda was also there taking pictures with fans. Marco, Victor, Joe,Jen were invited to go see the radio-a-thon in one of the suites were they were taking donations by phone and online.
The atmosphere was so exciting that you were just excited for being there helping a good cause that was close to all of our hearts.
There were 10 of us in total who volunteered. We all agreed that it would be something we would do next year and maybe we can get more family members to volunteer. DLP was so excited to be there it didn't matter what they needed help in she was ready for the challenge. DLP and Turd gave 2hours more than asked and it was appreciate it by many.
Thank you both for that.
The kids had a ball watching the game and eating all that the Dodgers had to offer like Dodger Dogs, Soda, Pretzels, etc, etc.. they were all on their best behavior. They didn't have a job at the time for Marco when we arrived so they told him to go enjoy the game and he did, you didn't have to ask him twice.
Good Job to All : Leezy, Lazy T, One Day At A Time, S3U5, Victor,Joe,Jen,DLP,Marco .
Can't wait till next year.
Happy to report that the THINK CURE raised 107% of their goal over $214,000.00

Marco Update: Marco has been doing really good. All his hair has grown out and he is looking really good. He will be going next Monday for a CT Scan and blood work. Our fingers are crossed and with hopes that all will continue to look good for Marco. I will post the results to the test next week.

Again THANK YOU to all for volunteering....GREAT JOB!
Enjoy the video from our experience at Think Cure 2009!


Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
Wow! To The Wife who is doing an excellent job maintaining the blog and keeping us posted on current events. Your album is awesome! It was an exciting experience being there with all the action and those we love supporting a great cause!!

Patty said...

One Day at a Time said...
ThinkCure! turned out to be a great success but most importantly, having the opportunity to experience the process and to participate was also significant. Everyone looked great wearing their Dodger blue and we even got to enjoy part of the game and some fireworks. I liked that it was not only a great volunteer experience but an opportunity to spend time with the family and Marco's team of rally monkeys:) Looking forward to our next venture in support of cancer awareness. Sarcoma Alliances' Ocean of Hope in Manhattan Beach, here we come! I am just happy to know that our Marcus is doing well and that he is keeping busy. See you all soon:)

P. S. And to the Wife...excellent job of keeping blog updated. It is definitely our key source of information and with so much going on this summer, I am glad that you are keeping us all posted.

Anonymous said...

This was the best thing you guys could have done to really get involved. It was great spreading the word, but i am sure it was such a positive rush to make a difference and help the cause. Nothing is as great as being behind the scenes getting things done and handled to make the lives of others easier and more enjoyable. GOOD JOB BACKSTAGE HELPERS!! It was awesome to see it on TV and then hear your stories because it just went along with everything you said. It was such a great cause because having the staff from COH there was such a reality check. SOoo many people are affected by cancer and so many people need the funds to get the asskicker remedy for it. It is great that this charity focuses on the two major hospitals people go to for a solution.. for hope. As much as the people in the organization were thankful to you for your volunteer time. I am thankful they are a successful organization with a mission. And we all know it cant be mission impossible forever. GOT HOPE?



Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Go Dodgers! Go City of Hope! Make it Possible to find that Cure!!!

Elsa D. said...

Good luck! I am keeping fingers and toes crossed.