Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Sense of Calmness

Here we are at the Auto Club Speedway for the Nascar Foundation Blood Drive. I had the opportunity to donate. They asked if we wanted a tour of the speedway and you know we didn't turn down this offer. It was a terrific tour, we even had the chance to get out on to Victory Lane and yes rang the "MOBELL VICTORY" bell . That was a treat all on its own.
Before you know if we were driving up on the track all the way around. It was awesome!

We are glad that we have had some great opportunities come our way, the opportunity to be together as a family in our home without mentioning cancer or appointments that we had to be at City of Hope at 6 am in the morning. To feel a sense of calmness come over the house hold these couple of weeks.

Not having to go to City of Hope and not having your heart in your throat all the time, the sense of piece of mind "right now", and I say " right now" because its the" right now" that we live in. I have said before we never turn our backs on this sarcoma even if its gone for "right now".
Later, when CT Scan and labs are needed that uneasy feeling comes crawling up from the pit of your stomach to the top of your throat. That uneasy feeling is why I say "right now'.

We have had more time to spend with family, volunteering for Think Cure at Dodgers Stadium (a first), going to the beach before summer was over to celebrate Machini's 6th birthday and go to our first Oceans of Hope 2009 that we have been trying to attend since seeing Marco swim in the ocean just months after his surgery. (it brought tears to my eyes.) It's amazing the things he can do when he sets his mind to it.

We attended birthday parties, BBQ's, just hangin' out and eating all day at Momma M, or playing poker with Salt-n-Pepper and Medicated Man, or spending some time with Bee, Nate, and Jeronimo. All of these thing may not be BIG things to some, but it is a great deal to us.

It's been a long time coming for these moments in life. We had forgotten, I think, for some time what it was like to live outside of City of Hope.

Summer will soon be over, but I am glad that we got to do things with the kids outside of City of Hope.

UPDATE: I am very happy to report that Marco has been doing very well thus far.

The Phase III trail has been going good. No side affects, but his cholesterol has been significantly high so they have been monitoring him for that. He was not happy to hear he had to cut down on shrimp, carne asada, and menudo, etc...etc...etc...

His hair has been growing about normal now. It had been taking its time growing, its now dark brown and really curly. It makes him look more handsome now.

CT Scan and labs done on Sept. 28 and I will let you know what is going on then.


Anonymous said...

it's about damn time!!!!!!


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

I feel like we have been on a magical summer ride. We do not want it to end. Free of worries about health. Free of tears of pain and full of tears of joy. We were out and about on a boat from one thing to the next. Scratching things off of the "we really want to do list". Taking every opportunity to enjoy being together and free of COH. I guess we have been together this whole time but we have all been stressed and worried with you. We had not spent any time relaxing as a family in a long time. It has been great to see Marco get stronger and stronger. Have his heavy worried heart take a moment and allow himself a moment to enjoy a beer or two and run and jump in the ocean. Seeing you all carefree all day on the beach together has been priceless. We have become stronger as a family. Through thick and thin we have shared the heartache and now we also share in the calmness. Would you every think you would look foward to a boring day at home!!!

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
Nice picture! Yes it has been a great summer. Having our mind at ease and enjoying time with you guys has been wonderful. In our lives we work hard and try to pay our bills and try to live the best we can. We also realize the important things in life are those we love and creating the best times we can with each other. Summer is passing and now we'll be looking forward to the holidays. I'm sure DLP is so looking forward to Christmas! I am also looking forward to these Holidays like Halloween! And maybe grilling a turkey on Thanksgiving!! And of course decorating for Christmas :)

Patty said...

One Day at a Time said...
Wow! Great news to hear that Mr. Marcus is doing well and that you all had fun at the Auto Club Speedway Blood Drive. Kudos to the wife for donating blood:) Loved the pixs. Well, we all understand that Momma's delicious Mexican cuisine can be quite filling and of course quite "filling" when it comes to everything else (calories, fat grams, etc.) but you know what the best times I enjoy are sitting at the dining room table just talking, playing cards and enjoying each others company. I now have a true appreciation of what it is to spend "TRUE" quality family time. It is the time that you look forward to seeing the most important people in your life and enjoying their company. Yes, I am actually looking forward to playing cards with you. We all want you to enjoy your weekend and will definitely be there on the 28th if you need us. Heck, we'll go just because...Let us know:)

Patty said...
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Moshura's Sister said...

Great to hear the good news! Yeah, maybe want to wean him off all that carne asada... eat more frijoles!

Anonymous said...

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