Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update on Marco: Marco's appointment turned out great all labs came out good.
He will be having his CT Scan on his next visit at the end of this month.
Trial medication is going good. He is starting to do more things outside of the house so that is a plus.

Sunday, August 30,2009 at Manhattan Beach, California the weather was perfect for the paddle boarders. They endured a 36 mile paddle with only their arms......hours in the water all thinking of their families waiting for them on land. Each paddle board represented a person who had or has Sarcoma Cancer.

It didn't take much for all the volunteers to set up and get ready to cheer on all the paddle boarders. Looking out into the ocean seeing all the boats that were in company with the paddlers was amazing, but the most amazing was seeing the paddlers only using their arms to cross that finish line toward shore. I could only imagine what they could be going through out there. Especially with their upper body... to swim for 5-7 hours non-stop to shore must have been the most challenging thing to do. All will tell you that they did it for a friend or family member and that they know that cancer patients go through so much, the paddling is nothing in comparison.
Everyone's stories were amazing and the caring volunteers greeting everyone were great!
I hope we have the chance to get together and do it again next year.

HP came to represent in Manhattan the Cousins, ODAT, Leezy120, Lazy T, S3U5 and family. Thank you for coming with us to experience our first annual Ocean of Hope 2009.
Everyone enjoyed cheering in the paddlers and oh yeah the water was great.
The boys had a blast boogie boarding too.
We had a great time, thanks again to all who were there .


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

I was overwhelmed to see soo many people. There were over 100 paddle boarders from around the world. And they all had a group of people cheering their completion. Sarcoma was front and center. It was a great opportunity to give the Sarcoma Alliance exposure. It was a great event that the whole family could participate in. Great turn out Rally monkeys. It was a wonderful sight to see and spend some quality time with the HP Rally Monkeys!! Mama Mendez left us dazed with all of that Great food!! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

I think that we need special Rally Monkey family shirts to wear when we go out together to ThinkCure events, Sarcoma Alliance events and any other . I can see it now... Wow! Who are they?... In those yellow shirts that say Sarcoma Rally Monkey... or Think Cure Rally Monkey? Ohh the Mendez family team has arrived!! I heard of them!! They are a family of volunteers for a Cure!!....

Yes! I am really going to add it to my list of things to do.

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Leezy120 said...
It was great to see so many people supporting the Sarcoma Alliance's Ocean of Hope Event and it was nice to see all of you there supporting a great cause and our brother.
It was a beautiful day to be at the beach!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you guys been very busy! Very proud of your blogging skills to wife!! :)
-Moshura's Sister

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L.V said...
We're happy to hear Marcos is doing very well. It was great seeing you guys for Beto's Birthday. After everything was over that day Briana asked Beto what was the best moment of his surprise party and he said "seeing Marcos and his family" not to mention he got teary-eyes. I truly want to Thank you guys for coming down!

Continue to have fun, enjoy the hot weather,


Anonymous said...

Ocean of Hope Event was lots of fun!! It was touching to hear the motivation of the paddler boarders. Very impressive. The company, food, conversation, water, weather, the incredibly HOT burning sand on our feet going to our cars...and the secret juice tia alice and S3U5 brought along was great! Love, Cousin from HP