Monday, December 28, 2009

Doing Good So Far

So far it's smooth sailing side affects, except from the Benadryl that was given to him earlier. He is still feeling drowsy ......the medication didn't even give him a chance to crack a joke, let alone a sentence cause it knocked him out.

Well at least he is relaxing and not thinking about what the hell is next.....maybe I should ask for some Benadryl. It's been pretty quite around here since Marco has been asleep since 10 o'clock this morning and it's about 1:45pm. He does wake up to see if I am here and goes back to sleep or at least that is what I like to think he is doing.

I was thinking of just sitting on the opposite side of the bed to trick him. He is so knocked out that if there was a lake outside this room you could pull of the scene from Parent Trap, where the girls put the soon to be step-mom on her mattress in the lake floating.....he wouldn't even notice right now.

We are waiting for the lab to come up with a antibiotic to kill off infection in Marco's blood. This will be given to see if we can get rid of it and hope the platelets will kick in as well to start to re-boost his immune system.

I will keep you all posted......,

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Leezy120 said...
Yes we do hope it starts working. And we are glad he is doing good so far. When we were there he looked so peaceful sleeping and finally getting some rest like he said for at least three hours. Hope you both got some rest. We will see you tomorrow with Mama M's delicious food. Sorry Carls Jr sucked. It was weird that they cooked the food too fast. Yuk! Thought they'd be more careful with their food products. Nobody eating there should have been a sign. Tomorrow Mama M. will take carne asada burritos with homemade salsa. That woman is an excellent cook!! I borrowed that phrase from DLP who said "My mom is an excellent cook!"