Friday, December 11, 2009

Hope Floats

Sorry, I haven't been able to write but it's been hard to even type one damn word without me having to stop typing because the damn waterworks in my eyes...........I can't see a damn thing I was writing....... so I will try to update often, just check in once in awhile to see if I did.

I would like to thank everyone for all your thoughts, and words of support to us. It means a lot to all of us.

So the fight continues on......

Well, it's been three weeks since we found out that the cancer came back with a freak'n vengeance. Marco started his chemo the next day. Two days ago , Marco was giving me a heart attack, he started to gag really bad as he was taking a shower, turns out that his hair started to fall out.
As he was taking a shower he went to rinse the shampoo out of his hair and the water went into his mouth with a hand full of hair.Marco said he never gagged so much in his life. I told him he needed to shave it off. I told him I was not going to do it .... he ended up going to the cowboys (Barber Shop).
I was hoping we could of waited a couple of days more, so we could take our Christmas pictures. Oh well, now we have to wait awhile longer.

I hate having him loose his makes me mad that all this has to happen to him all over again. With no reason at all. I hate everything about it.....CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really can't yell it out loud enough!!!!!, in my head, out loud ..... at all really.

Our last visit at COH was not a good one.....Dr. Granis told us that he was very sorry that the cancer came back and he would hope that the chemo would do it's job and shrink them away basically.
He also said that surgery at this time would not be an option....we will be meeting with Dr. Chow to talk about their meeting they had today to discuss Marco's case with the board and see what they thought and what strategy would be made next.

Dr. Granis was sure that 99% chance that the surgery wouldn't be an option so that leaves a 1% that someone may take his case and say yes I will do the surgery. Hey? you never know , someone may....


Anonymous said...

Wife, tears in all our eyes as we read your words. The strength Marco and your family have shown through all this is admirable and remarkable to me. You are teaching us all a lot about life and ourselves. Atleast I speak for me. Really Marco, you are an inspiration. Even though we are far you are on our minds more than you know. --Cousin from HP.

Anonymous said...

We will be there tomorrow for your next round of chemo. You let us know what you can eat. What you crave and try to eat. We want your system to be strong and to keep fighting. Let us know what liquids you can drink as that will help flush away impurities. We will help you get through this. Let us know how we can best help to ease the crazy side effects. You won't hurt our feelings if you feel a certain way sometimes. You are fighting this and we are respectful to your needs, feelings, and wishes. We will be considerate of all your needs because your senses are sensitive and we need you to be focused on getting better. I was reading the "National Cancer Institute: Chemotherapy and You" book from COH and it says that to manage this you need to get rest, accept help from others in doing chores and other ways. Don't feel shy or like you are inconveniencing others. If people offer accept the help in all ways. You are fighting this and you have people with you that support you. It is Winter and we don't want you to catch flu or pnuemonia cooties. We will be more careful and cautious this Winter. You need to get better so you can enjoy our mom's tamales and caldo de rez this Christmas!

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Note from the Penut Gallery

Round 2:

Well here we go.
Sending you a big hug....and hoping all goes as well as possible.

I wanted to share with everyone that Marco was has not been advised to take the H1N1 vaccine.

We all qualified to get the vaccine because we are going to be around Marcs. As he goes through Chemo he is in the group with reduced immune system. We have all got the vaccine. I would advise you all to get vaccinated this year to assure that we all keep Marcs as free from flu and colds as posible.

It is really difficult to get the vaccine in some areas. So if you get news of a free clinic or school that is giving out the vaccine near you take advantage and go!!

Marcs is being brave by enduring another round of Chemo. And I think that we can all be brave and get vaccinated. Do not make excuses please go.

Love you V