Sunday, December 27, 2009

Night in the ER

Marco had a fever of 102.4 at the house and we called COH. Ended up going to the ER at COH around 7pm. He was admitted at about 12am with a fever of 103.2. Test showed his white blood count was very low and so where his platelets. Antibiotics were given last night to fight off any infection.

This morning he is looking better that yesterday, but he did give me a scare. He will be keeped here for a couple of days to make sure everything is ok.

I will try to update you later on what happens.


Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
I got a reality check of how careful we need to be with Marco being exposed to the elements and outside venues...people... and what signs to look out for. Like grandma (Salt&Pepper) said we can be extra careful with not exposing him to germs, but you don't know how others are in public places. Right after she said that a lady blew her nose in the lobby and pressed the elevator button and that was at coh where everywhere it is posted the H1N1 Flu precautions. I am so grateful to The Wife for being proactive and on it with the symptoms and contacted coh and immediately took him. That was a scare knowing within minutes his fever and chills got bad. Even when we were there visiting for Christmas he was feeling sore. After the fact I checked the COH book on "Caregivers Guide" and it did list the fever above 102, chills, and sore joints being a sign for low white blood cell count and low platelets. I read it afterwards. Thank you Wife for being on it. Marco we will try to do our part in helping you get better, but please do let us know when you are not feeling well. We are at a point where you can be frank and honest with us and you won't hurt our feelings. What you are going through only you know and I can only imagine how challenging, frustrating, and difficult it is. We are here to help you ease if possible this difficult situation. We love you and want you to get better. When we were in the lobby with our mom, ODAT, Grandma, and Grandpa we gave each other a big hug after knowing that your fever had gone down. We found that comfort in each other and hope you can feel comfortable with all of us when you are not feeling well or feeling annoyed or frustrated or you want to rest. Just let us know. We will respect and honor your requests. It is a big relief to know your fever has gone down. To The Wife Thank you for all you do to help our brother fight this. You and him are inseparable and so truly love each other. We are so grateful to you for loving him, and caring for him through these very difficult times. Marco I know you will keep fighting on and we will be there with you fighting this. We love you guys.

Patty said...

We never want to hear the news that Marco is not feeling well. We know how delicate the times between chemo sessions can be. Especially now with the flu season, winter weather and not to mention so many "germy" people lurking around. We just want Marco to get better and we will do everything we can to make this happen. We were happy to see that he was able to come out today to the COH lobby to "hang out" with us. Marco is such a trooper. Even though, he may not be feeling his best, he is so considerate of his family and friends that he always makes it a point to be the best "host". Marco, we do appreciate your unequivocal attention but also want you to get better. So let us know what you need (your favorite dish, peace and quite) and when you need it. As much as we want to see you back at home enjoying the holidays we want you to get better so expect to see us often and packed with food to last til next year. Love you Marco and looking foward to our future "tecky" and bbq talks.