Monday, December 28, 2009

Platelet Cocktail

Here we thought we were going home! Yeah, well that changed real quick when Marco had a fever of 101 about mid-night. I knew something was up because they told us that the fever was a sign of the body fighting something besides cancer.

Nurse came to introduce herself to us this morning, she continue to explain to us that Marco needed platelets because his count was very low. Really, your kidding right is what I was thinking, come on now what else can be thrown at Marco. Note:( Nurse mentioned blood transfusion but she was taking about the platelets not whole blood)

I swear I thought I was dreaming but no, sure enough she wasn't she said she was waiting to get approval from the doctor to start the platelets.

We also got the test results today Marco has a blood infection, he apparently has a bug in his body. Once they verify which bug they will give him the proper antibiotics. The platelets will run for about an hour so I hope he doesn't get any of the side affects mentioned to us. This infection he got couldn't be giving by person contact or food that he might had eaten. It's a bug in the body that just turned on itself they believe it's in his intestine because his immune system is very weak due to the chemo.

Nurse brought in a large bag with light gold syrup liquid in it. I thought it looks like liquid gold. As the nurse opened the valve for the release of the platelets to go intravenously it flowed so slowly with in the clear liquid of the other saline going in. As if like magic it was slowing working its way down the line and finally came into Marco arm. WOW is what I thought , this shit better work was more like it to be truthful. Well, just wanted to throw in some writing skills I thought I would share with all of you. But, it was amazing to see it flowing like that.

Platelets have gone in and now they run for about an hour and so far so good the Benadryl they gave him in case of an allergic reaction has made him drowsy so he is taking a nap and I don't see any physical reaction so we are good right now.

Hang in there Handsome!

For the moment we will ride it out and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

marcito, if you need some attention just ask! COH doesn't need you there all the time. haha. and stop pretending to be sleeping -- because we know you are all up in the business!!
We miss you lots at home. We are bored out of our minds. AND dont even think about the heater! haha. jk. all is well with the kiddies and at home. See ya'll soon hopefully.

Anonymous said...

We wish you a speedy recovery. We're praying that all continues to go well so that you may be able to go home soon.

Best Wishes
Beto and Laura V.