Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week Two of Phase III Trail of AP23573

Marco has been doing ok so far with no side affects that he can notice thus far. The only may be he gets a little tired and sleepy the first two days after he starts to take it.
The surgery area is healing really well and the pain level has gone down with some of the soreness but there are times that it hurts more than others.

His hair has grown out and his skin has color now.....I love to touch the hair on his head it feels like a baby kitten. Its sooo soft. It started growing fast when he was at City of Hope for his surgery then it just stopped growing, he just had his hair cut last week and it looks good now, cause he started to look like he was out of the 70's show.
It's nice to see that he is looking better now a days.......he even walks a little faster and hardly holds his left side. The sneezing is the worst to see him do I think, cause then you do see that it hurts to do that. AHHHHHH Chew! Ya, did you just have a visual on that cause if you did you would see how that would hurt.

Just wanted to share some exciting news about DLP...our baby girl will be turning 15 this Monday. Yes, I did say baby girl, she will be our baby even if she is 80 years old. Maybe won't be able to sit her on my lap at 80 but she will still be our baby. Well enough of that. Everyone who knows DLP knows she is known to change her mind of what she wants to do for her B-Day and will text everyone on the countdown to her B-Day.

So no NASCAR party this year! Thank you in part to Marco's family she will be attending her first opera in Las Vegas to see the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and has invited Machini and I.
This is the part where you are probably asking yourself what happened to Marco. Marco will not be attending this event due to a lack of appreciation of the OPERA. Basically he can't stand the singing in the movie or here at home when we all sing. He basically said HELL NO I'm going to see the Phantom of the Opera , you are all out of damn mind. HaHa it makes me laugh even when I am writting it. We will take picture to show you later.

Marco will now be on a two week follow up then will be on a 4 week follow up and will be under a watchful eye with CT Scans and xrays. So if anything shows up it will be caught on time.

Just a reminder SARCOMA AWARENESS is July 18 thru July 26. August 2009 will be the OCEANS OF HOPE in Mahattan Beach,Ca maybe we can make it out this year! That would be fun I think.

I also would like to invite our friends and new friends from the fundraiser to read and post a comment. Marco reads the blog everyday. Thank you to all again for everything you do!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Superstars at Griffith Observatory

From the Wife:

Today is the 4th dose of AP23573...Marco has been doing well under the treatment. Of course we don't know if he is taking the real deal or the placebo pill. We hope and will believe that he is taking the real thing. Today is also a month and 7 days that Marco has been "cancer free" since his surgery to remove the tumor from his lung on May 11.

Marco has been doing ok and has been trying to do things outside the are some examples:

Monday- The Griffith Observatory:

This trip was nice we got to tour the whole museum all three floors and took full advantage of the beautiful view from up there. Its amazing (it was overcast but nice). The view at night was spectacular. We said we would go back to be able to look through the telescope on a clear day. The pictures above show you some of the things we did.

Saturday Adan called Marco to join in on a baseball game with all the I asked if they expected him to play and he laughed saying that Adan was counting him in but Marco told him he was on disability and still recovering and would not be able to play. Adan said your suspended for drug use too. Marco laughed and said yeah. So we ended up going and Marco was the umpire/scorekeeper. Yeah, that went well....At times I think Marco would zone out and I asked him if he mentioned to them that he still had some chemo brain. Marco laughed and said no but I should have.

We like to see that he gets out and enjoys himself. Marco still has pain along with soreness and some day's its more than others. It's all part of the will take some time.

Monday he will have his one week follow up for the AP23573 treatment with blood work...I will let you know if anything comes up.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Cancer Survivor Day 2009

From the Wife:
We were invited to attend National Cancer Survivor Day yesterday at City of Hope. This was our first invite that we attended. The invitation was nice and it described a survivor..... a survivor is one who has been diagnosed with cancer, is dealing with cancer or is in remission of cancer, but I truly loved this description and I agree with it 100%. A survivor is on who deals with cancer day in and day out for the rest of their lives.

There was a very nice banner and everyone was asked to write a message to our survivor on a balloon and place it on the huge banner. We were then asked to continue into the resource center where Marco was greeted and was acknowledged with a medal for being a survivor. We continued to walk in and there was another greeter offering a goody bag to the survivors only, it had a T-Shirt, one raffle ticket, and some information to take home.

We submitted our raffle ticket. The girls from Positive Images were there with models wearing wigs and scarves. There was another table with an author of Writing for Wellness and she was explaining her book and told us about the class that she gives at City of Hope for writers. We told her about DLP submitting an essay for a contest and was very much interested in DLP and she invited her to part take in a class.

She also told us she was a two time cancer survivor herself and she told us that she had written this book about her personal experience with cancer and she also had other writers' poems and experiences. She believed that if a cancer patient has a good support team of family and friends, survivors would live longer than if they had no one. She was very nice and it was interesting talking to her.....Angels of Love were there too, giving out angels, which were handmade.

It was a very nice event they had for all the cancer survivors at City of Hope.

Finally we got to do something else since the kids are now on vacation..we are so proud of our kids. DLP just go her report card and she did great, she will be a sophmore in August and little Machini will be a BIG boy and will be heading out to the First

We were able to go to the movies to see Night at the Museum. It was great to have the whole theater to ourselves.

Update.....Marco has been recovering very well though he still has some soreness and slight pain. He is doing ok. We are still waiting for the result to come back from the outside lab where all his test and blood work have been sent to determine that he is a good candidate for the Phase III Trial. The waiting is nerve-racking. I guess just waiting to see if he is or isn't going to have a chance to participate in this trial.

This just off the press as of 15 min. ago

We got the call from City of Hope it's a go....Marco will be a participant in the Phase III Trial he will be starting on Monday, June 15.....very excited with this news.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sign on the bottom line

From The Wife:

This week we went to City of Hope to have the consultation on the AP23573 Phase III Trial.

Dr. Chow explained and told us all that would happen in this trial. Marco needed to have blood drawn and a CT Scan done the next day. These tests will be sent to an outside lab to look at and determine if Marco is eligible to continue with Phase III of AP23573. As soon as the results are back from this outside lab we wll be getting a call with an appointment to have Marco start his treatment.

It was funny the whole time that we were in the doctors office talking and seeing Marco sign all the paper work, consent forms, HIPPA forms and all of what needed to be signed before the treatment is given: The positive feeling in that room was overwhelming. I kept telling Marco that I could feel that he would be the one to get the real "pill" and not the "sugar pill". I think the mind is a powerful thing and at times I find myself hoping and sending positive vibes to Marco to have some good energy go his way.

Marco has been doing well. He is still in some pain but most of the soreness is in the surgery area. He is looking good. He was able to sit through a Dodger game on Monday night up until the 7th inning which was great. I am very glad that Marco is doing better.

I will let you know when his appointment will be to start the AP23573 treatment. Fingers crossed that this pill will be the one to hold off the sarcoma cancer in a lot of patients. Cancer Sucks and it needs to be nipped in the bud.

The Wife