Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crossing Fingers ...No Platelets Needed

Yesterday, Medicated Man invited Marco to go fishing and Marco agreed. So after sitting in his fishing chair and taking in the sun. They didn't even get a damn nibble on the line. So about 12:00 o'clock I called Marco to see if he had caught something for dinner yet and he replied with " You better have Red Barron Pizza on speed dial" ...I was cracking up. So to make this long story short....he didn't bring one damn fish home. Good thing I made him a snack...one of his favorite.....chicken in Salsa de Pato with some red rice on the side, beans and some guacamole to top things off.

His appetite has been good .....he just needs to eat slow to keep it down. But all in all, he has been doing well. After getting home from fishing yesterday, I notice that Marco had some red spots on his neck and on his legs. This could be an indicator of low platelets but we will know for sure tomorrow when he goes in for his labs.

An appointment is given for lab work after every chemo cycle is finished to check his platelet. Usually after one week, so along with this appointment a tentative appointment is also given for a possible transfusion of platelets but only if needed. No time wasted @ COH.
So crossing our fingers that he won't need it.

I will keep you posted on what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Got the Wife's text that you were able to get the blood and platelet transfusion. I know my mom says to drink carrot juice, but at least try it. Drink it with a straw. That might go down easier especially if carrots are cold. At least to get some protein and vitamins in if food is harder to take in. Also banana and or strawberries and milk shakes with ice cream. I will never ever force feed you another Ensure!! Thinking about you buddy!! Love Leezy 120