Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We Have A Winner!

The picture says it all.....need I say more. We enjoyed a great game of Srcabble! Marco is not one to play board games but I can say that he enjoyed playing, cheating and all. He found an internet page with scrabble words that can be used which I thought it was funny cause that just verified that he wants to play scrabble today even though he doesn't know it yet....lol

He may say yes just because the other game I brought was Lotteria and I know for a fact he is not going to play this game.

Day one of chemo was good and this morning he had chemo #2. Since the chemo started at 1:00 thru about 5:00 in this morning we got about 2 -3 hours of sleep because then it was time for the nurse to come in and take his vitals and the doctors started to make their rounds. So we may be taking a long nap this after noon after our morning scrabble.
So we will see how it goes today, I will keep you posted.


Moshura's Sister said...

hahaha! Too funny. You're still safe with scrabble - just don't bring out the monopoly or he might have an adverse reaction!

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
Love that picture!!
Hope you guys get to rest tonight. See you tomorrow with Momma M's delicious food. Hope you were able to eat the costillitas. They were a little spicy, but good.

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Man! Marcs must really be bored....playing board games with Weezee is like signing up for a long long war. I would just avoid Monopoly like the plague. She has been known to chain people to the table for hours to ensure the game is finished. And Please do not tell me you are signing up to the poker committee!! If I see you peddling quarters from the kids I will know that all is lost!

Anonymous said...


Learn Pinochle so you and I can gang up on Marie and Nay. Men vs Women....yeah that's the way you do it.... money for nothing and your chicks for free... whoops sorry went back to the 80's there. Hope you are feeling better, and I hope to see you out of that place soon. I say we do another turkey.......... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm turkey, arrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Lazy T

Patty said...

R u sure caption is not "Wow Game is Finally Over!" Just kidding! I know Marcus' participation with board games when you guys come to visit is little to nill. (I know I shouldn't talk either). It is great to see that he is getting into Scrabble. Just happy to see that big smile on his face. Definitely made my day! :)

DLP said...

you guys are crazy...haha i cant wait till he gets that excited about hangman! :)

Anonymous said...

what the 'f'! Marcito you gave in! your pic looks like a commercial. I think it should get sent somewhere. Publicize this crazyness. Chemo?.. What?! -- BAAMM!!! Play Scrabble.
So anyway - hope you get to feeling better. Marie how is that blanket coming along? It is the end of the week already- woohoo, a few more days and you come home james. --- p.s. erom walks around and will randomly go to your door and knock and look around like ' what the heck, where are they!?' haha.