Monday, February 8, 2010


I think this images paints the picture for you of how Marco is doing. He has been very tired and drained. These last two chemo rounds have really kicked his butt. Just to see him so tired boils my blood because he shouldn't or anyone else be going through all of this BS that comes with having cancer.
These next two weeks come with a lot of anxiety especially of the "unknown", of what is going to happen when his appointment comes up to see the surgeon. Will he say yes I can do the surgery or will he still say that surgery is still not an option. Ugh! if I feel the tension, Marco feels it 10X as much I am sure.

I know that he is drained because usually his will stay up to greet family when they come to see him and chat for awhile and then he may wait till the visit is over and go take a nap or just rest in his comfy chair.......but this time he will come out to say hi and go back in to the bedroom and rest. He may say he is feeling good but his whole face and body language says different. So for now, lots of rest to try to help the body recover from all the poison that went into his blood stream. I hope you feel better soon honey, we all you very much and wish with all of our hearts that you wouldn't have to go through all this. Chin up! With each passing day it will get better.

On another note:

As some of you know, we are NASCAR fanatics. We were invited by several loved one to attend the Daytona 500 in Daytona, Fl, but we had to decline the offer because Marco has had some complications after his last chemo cycles and we didn't want to risk having problems happen out there. But we would like to thank all of you who tried so hard to get us out there it is truly appreciated. So for now, we will enjoy watching the Daytona 500 on TV.

We would like to take time and thank everyone who has called and asked about Marco, the kids and myself. We are trying and hold up as well as we can. We really appreciate you thinking of us.

We hope that each and everyone of you is doing well.......thank you again from all of us :)


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Even superheros need time to rest when they have been through a rough battle. Love you, and a quick hello and a big hug from Marcs was worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

Marcito, what type of wheaties do you need this time? Because this one is really kicking your arse. We hate seeing you - I should say not seeing you because you are soo tired. Hope you get that rest to vamp your super cells back in to shape. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Que tal Mija! its cousin Frankie. I ahdnt really known about the blog, but will def be checking in more often. Though some may read this and not have any idea as to who I am, other will know exactly who this is. I must say I apologize for not being a bit more aggresive in visiting or calling. but I want to say we think about you guys all the time. You guys ARE and ALWAYS WILL BE in my prayers both daily, and when we go to church on Sunday. My reason for keeping distance, is that I dont know when is a good time to sti=op by. I know these are very trying times for the family, and perhaps you arent in the mood, nor Marco up for visitors. Either way I want you guys to know that we do indeed care! I simply do not want to intrude at an in opportune time. I personally am excited that this blog exists, so than I can check in without interrupting. That does not mean we will rely on this alone. please keep us in mind when thins are better, for we are awaiting the chance to come up!

We love you all and hope to see you guys real soon...

with love,

Cousin Frankie

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Leezy120 said...
Hope you do get the rest that is so much needed for your body to get better. Hope you are able to eat well to build your immunity and be safe and cautious. We love you Marco!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Marco -

Want you to know that we're here supporting you; you're a true role model and inspiration. (I wish I had your help me try stronger person.) Stay strong, rest, and know that you arent alone - we're in this with you.

Love you cousin!