Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 Hours Later

After the nurse called Marco in she then explains that I would need to wait in the lobby till I was called in .......when Marco was prep'd for surgery as in other times before. Marco had already said "see you later" to everyone except for me....

As we waited in the lobby after a while they called me in to see Marco before he going in to surgery. As we reached the end of the hall the nurse tells me that MENDEZ is in ROOM 5.
Eager to see Marco and feeling anxiety to a high level , I started to look up at the room numbers and got to 5, when I looked there was no one there. I thought ok the dumbass gave me the wrong number so I asked on of the nurses at the nurses station where Marco was she looked at me and said he is in 5 , I told her he was not in 5 she looked at me and said hey I remember you , you are his wife right as I said yes her face changed to horror. She looked in room 5 and saw that he wasn't there. She took off like a bat out of hell and said they must of just took him in let me see if you can see him. My heart was going at 5000 miles per hour, all I could think of was OH SHIT! They just took him and I didn't have a chance to say anything to him. This was the most devastating thing ever. The nurse rushed out of the double doors and looked and just noded no, he is already in the surgery room. All I could do was cry, and I mean with all the sentimental feelings I had. DLP had to go chance my ass out of the bathroom. This was just awful not to be able to see your loved one before a major surgery. The next six hours seemed to be linger and the emotional stress I was in was just unbearable but somehow we got through it.

Just about 1pm they called us that Marco was out of surgery and that it was a sucessful. They had to remove 3 ribs (small size) and a piece of lung along with a piece of diaphagm. The doctor said he tollerated it very well. Three hours later they called us to ICU that Marco was now in his room. I was so excited to see him and to see how good he looked. His skin was pink, he had the biggest smile ever. I was over the horrendous morning I had with just seeing him looking so good.

Just two hours after leaving the surgery room they stood him up and sit himself up and he did great. You are awesome Marco. Your are just like that clown that stand on a sand bottom and the more you punch it the harder you come right back up. Cancer has nothing on you! You did some good cancer ass kicking and we are all so greatful that you are doing well. I and all of the family loves you very much!


Anonymous said...

YEAH! I think I'm the first to comment!! Marco we were thinking of you the whole day and saying little prayers throughout the day while at work. Wife...again, you had me in tears then smiles at the end. Rest Marco, you did great.
Love, cousin from HP

Anonymous said...

Great news! So happy to hear all went well "All prayers have been heard". Wish you the best and a speedy recovery. Get lots of rest.
Laura & Beto V.

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey, what happened to the no talky talky rule?? all i hear is marco was talking.. marco said this.. marco said that... jokey jokey. so does ICU give you better food? more comfy bed? or is it just better meds? super glad to hear things are going awesome and the recovery of drama mama and marcito is going super well. i was going to head over but my tiny sore throat has turned into something. im not sure what yet, but its sniff sniff hack hack.. haha jk. that would be nay. .. Ok well hope i can see this crazy new scar soon. does it at least look kool? love you guys. toodle- loooo.

Anonymous said...

Surviving 3 under 5 said:

I love you soo much!!
So glad to hear that you are doing well. Not the whole Atlantic ocean or half a world away could keep me fom you guys. We bgged for internet access just for you guys. to say Heeeyy!

I spent all day yesterday boo hooing after Maria shared her story with me. Unbelieveable. At the airport, people were thinking I was upset because of the flight. Truely it broke my heart to see Weezee so broken hearted. We have all been looking foward to this day and also trying to forget about it. I can only imagine the stress that you guys went through with this drama.

But come to think about it does Marcs even remember anything ...Those meds probably made you forget everything and you just felt goood and warm. Uhuh!

Keep me updated

Anonymous said...
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