Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh I was so happy to see Marco being moved to a reg. floor being in ICU made me nervous just being there is scary I guess. The nurses there were awesome. The attention that they give their patients is amazing, very caring.

Marco's temp came down to 99.9 at about 8pm today. Yay! Finally I see a glimpse of a full recovery from this severe infection he has in his belly. I was able to let out a sigh of relief and feel my shoulders hurt from all the stress this week has been not to mention the weeks before surgery. I feel it all starting to catch up with me. Marco looks good in his new ISOLATION ROOM huge room with one room to change into all the gowns you have to wear then you can go into his room. All for quarantine and everyone's precaution. Today, I say him feel better that he was out of ICU and into a reg room his face lit up. It makes a huge difference. Tomorrow we will be talking to the doctor again and see were he stands and what all his labs say. As for now he is glad to be out of ICU on our way out and hoping to have him home soon to finish his recovery.


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How crazy it is when we are healthy and all is well how we can easily just take things for granted. Being in the ICU is scary. I didn't go in there much because of the precautions, but the few times I did I realized how fortunate some of us are to have good health... Marco being able to drink water after the surgery to quench the immense thirst he had. The Wife being very attentive to Marco's needs because of the side effects and needing to communicate with the nurses and doctors. Even having a place to sleep and getting rest after all these stressful situations one appreciates heading back to their home and sleeping in their own beds. I can see why even changing rooms is significant.

I hope Marco you get well soon! So you can go home and sleep in your comfortable bed.
It has been uplifting to see Marco have all this support during his recovery. Even though we can't see you don't worry about us being outside the lobby or waiting outside. What matters is you getting better with not having to deal with additional health complications. I know you are conscientious of your visitors, but we understand your safety comes first. Our feelings don't get hurt if we have to wait outside. The Wife has been keeping us posted about what is happening. Also DLP has updated her FB. Please Marco know that all of us who have been there at coh know your health is fragile and don't want to risk your recovery. Don't feel bad if we can't see you. We understand it is a delicate situation you are in and we want you to heal as quickly as possible without additional problems popping up. So you focus on you getting better!! (Especially now that the Wife will be able to stay with you!)

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we are tenting your room!!!! at home.

haha. and we thought the kids were germies, its been marcito this whole time. jokes on us.