Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Full of Surprises!

Yesterday was full of surprises, with smiles on my face hell I won't need botox anytime soon. The smiles stretched my face from ear to ear. As we arrived in the morning we had to wait for the nurses to finish up their reports after Marco told us he had had a fever all night and had not slept to much not to mention the 4.4 earthquake that rocked us all out of bed. Under all the Morphine that is being given and being tired we let Marco rest ,when we were able to go into ICU Marco was sitting up and eating a cheese toast and smiling for a picture. INCREDIBLE what my man does, SUPERMAN has nothing on him. I was so happy to see him off the bed and on a chair looking very good. Drugged but looking good.

The were checking him constantly till his fever went down and by the end of the day it was down to normal. Most of the day we let Marco rest, which was great to see him somewhat focused to talk to us. The chest tube is located on his side and this is time this was great because he doesn't have the breathing problems like his last surgery. He is more comfortable after surgery, this time around.

Dr. Grannis (the surgeon) came in and was so excited to see Marco sitting up. He looked very surprise to see him there. He said "How do you feel" and all together now what did Marco say "I am feeling good", he smiled and said I am very surprised you are sitting in that chair a day after surgery and that you look so good because it was a very big surgery. So he said all looked good they would just keep an eye on the fevers.

The whole family got another surprise, we all got to meet Rocio (RO) she has been such an inspiration to myself, Marco and the kids since the first e-mail that we received from her. Telling us her personal story of survival gave us hope and in that we found a new friendship. We finally got to meet her it was exciting to finally put a face on a friend. We all filled her in on Marco's progress and Matthew filled her up with cheezy jokes which were funny. It was as if we knew her a long time and we were just catching up. Thank you very much for talking with Marco he was very glad that you stopped by and visited. Hope to see more of you Ro.


Patty said...
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Patty said...

One Day at a Time Said...
I really don't know how to describe this week. It has been relieving in that Marco's surgery went as well as it did but always a little nerve-wracking. We know that these surgeries help him get better but we also know what comes next. The recovery process. Marco has been such a trooper and has done everything he has to to get better. Stay strong and know that we are all here to help you however we can. Love you lottss!!!

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Leezy120 said...

It has been a week. Marco is a fighter! He has endured so much and is going through so so much.

We have COH, excellent doctors, faith, hope, love, family, friends and positive thinking. Marco, I know only you know how intense the pain is that you are feeling during your recovery, but it has gotten to the point where you can be honest and open to let us know how we can best help you get through this so you can have a successful and speedy recovery.

We are with you and love you and support you. Remember that your mind, soul, and spirit are a powerful thing in this healing process. You are a strong man and will get through this!

Ro said...

First, let me start off by saying that it was great finally meeting Marco, Marie, the kids and the rest of the family, I had a great time with everyone; for a while there it actually felt like I had known all of you forever...It was good to see how the whole familia is united and very supportive with each other and of course with Marco. Marie the way you keep your family going and are on top of Marco’s health is unremarkable. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of these tough yet very loving moments!

Shoot for a minute there I thought I was hearing my family talk about me when your family when on to say that you don’t complaint and say your okay for everything…my family said the same things about me. I didn’t like to complaint, everything was always okay, etc…it was my way of protecting my family; no complaints=I was okay and made them worry less (so I thought). I know for a fact that everything is not always may be doing it for different reasons, but the point is that I underestimated my loved ones capability of handleling my situation, don’t make the same mistake I did, talk to your family, there willing to share your burden your not alone or use me if you need to BUT talk to someone, believe me it makes a difference.

On another note, you looked great for someone who had just gone under the knife! Unbelievable! You are a true inspiration to all of us and for me in particular. You have the eye of the tiger dude, they’re ‘aint no stopping you! You’re a fighter!