Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Got Sleep? We didn't!

Well sleep we didn't get much of last night. Marco was up all night with the scoots. lol I can see his face when he reads this entry. He will beginning with "Why the hell you want to announce that to the world. lol and I will laugh and say I couldn't find a nicer word for the shits. lol followed by "You would be looking for a nicer word. lol and I would laugh again.

So today it's about 10:45am and they will taking Marco for another ultrasound of his right leg because his leg was very swollen more than the normal so just for precautions that there is no blood clot they will check this morning. Marco is still having severe pain on his left shoulder since day one after the surgery but has been tolerating the physical therapy movements as well as he can tolerate them.

Dr. Grannis came in last night and checked up on Marco and said he was glad all has gone well with the surgery but we still have to keep in eye on his intestinal infection that he has to make sure it doesn't turn into a more serious problem so he is to stay on the antibiotics at home for seven days and if he feels any pain or is still bloated in a week he is to come back to get checked right away. He again told us that all the labs looked good and there was no cancer at the margins so again very happy to hear that Marco is cancer free now.

I think all would have gone well after the surgery if Marco hadn't gotten the severe intestinal infection he would have been recovering better but the very high fevers and chills not to mention the scoots just didn't go very well for him. So now we continue with our one day at a time and focus on getting Marco home to fully recover in his own room , bed etc, etc......

Can't say thank you enough to all of you .....we truly appreciate everything....for the hotel stay that went over the one to two days turned out to be a six days. For washing my dirty clothes or else I would have been a nasty ass walking around COH.

For taking Machini to the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, the Jewish Temple or just laying in the grass as you froze your ass off cause he was asleep on your jacket.

For staying with DLP who didn't want to leave the 3rd floor lobby to be closer to her dad. Even though she scared the hell out of you when she woke from a deep sleep and scared everyone in the lobby cause she has sleep texting syndrome and didn't even know it.

For running back and forth to get us something to drink or eat and for all of the well wishes, thoughts, e-mail, texts, white envelopes support, snail mail, calls and for the most important thing that has helped us through all this ordeal, the one true source that helps us get over all the shit we go through is all the positive vibes from the positive people around us. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

The Scoots! Your too funny it's great to read your great sense of humor. It's ok Marcus its alot better to read about the Scoots then all the other complications you've had :)

A day or two more at COH is probably best just to make sure you're completely cleared. We will continue to pray and we wish you the best. Stay strong!
Laura & Beto V.

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...

Yes I second what Laura and Beto said Stay Strong! and do hang in there!

It's been very challenging, painful, uncomfortable, exhausting for you, but you will get through this. Marco we don't know what is going through your mind... your worries, stresses, pain that you are feeling, but our goal is for you to have a speedy recovery with no further complications. You know we are here for you!

Hope you guys get some sleep and rest!