Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hell of a Night

Marco had a hell of night last night. With no sleep from yesterday night and having a very busy day yesterday with no rest time in between he is exhausted. Looks like he may have cellulitis (not the same as cellulite) on the lower left side under the surgery area. Possible gut infection as well . They have not been able to bring down his temp from the last 5 days.

He will be needing a blood transfusion this morning his red blood count is low. His salt has been low but they have stopped giving him sodium which just makes his taste bud react horribly. Hasn't been able to eat because it all tastes like over powered salt.
His white cells have been coming down drastically which is good. So now they have given him 3 other antibiotics.

Today we will see what the test results are for the test that where done yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT THE "F" MAN!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Cant this damn cancer give Marcito a break already. This is just perposterous. Nothing but jabberwocky coming from these doctors is totally crazy. Instead of ohhh im glad.. i keep thinking Mother F'er Now WHAT! and I am not even able to be there. freakin frick. Well I hope super blood that will enter your body has super cells to kick this fever. And that you guys are able to rest a little bit at least. We miss you guys. Matt and Erom say hi. they are playing "ha-wah-ya" with a baton. haha...kinda kidding. Well got to go. Love yas.