Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It was a long day at City of Hope today. As we arrived to the hospital this morning I thought I'd call Marco to see if he wanted us to pick up some breakfast and to let him know we were at COH already. His voice seemed weird , out of breath and unable to talk with out trying to catch his breath. I said the hell with breakfast , relax I am going up to the room now is what I said. As we got to the room he was breathing uneasy and the nurses were all around him, the fever had spiked up all night and his breathing was getting worse. The changed his pain medications and gave him a different anitbiotics. By mid morning he was feeling better but still struggling to breath correctly.

They determined that he may have a slight pneumonia accumilating in his left lung. They had to give him a sodium IV because his salt level had drop below the normal which was weird . He started to sweat and them had major chills and was feeling very cold. Later on in the day, Marco was up talking a walk in the ICU floor. He was very tired after the walk but was doing well. He had his bath and was doing well. He is doing all that he is asked to do to avoid any other problem to come up.

Other that all that he is amazingly doing well. I would like to thank everyone for all their thought and well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Today was also the day that Moshura's left back to DC ....we are going to miss her. But we loved having her here with us the time that she could ....we love you.

Way to go Marco, keep up the fight honey we all love you! You can do it!


Anonymous said...

chileyhuevo!! infeccion!

glad to hear the icu is on top of all these surgery side effects. it sucks when we know the checklist of what marcito has gone through before and how long it lasted to compare it to the present scare. because no matter how its said, when anything is mentioned everyone gets scared---then----ohh yeah, ok. so on the scientific side of things.. did they take pics of the extra pieces marcito can do without and the evil maggots that caused this surgery? can you ask? well erom says huuh-i and bah by-ee. love ya'll mucho. toodle-loooo

Ro said...

Hang in there Marco, all will be good AND if something hurts or doesn't feel right make sure to say something and not your usual "I'm okay," even if you feel fine who cares have them run as many tests as they want that's what there their for. Take care of yourself! Ro