Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not coming home today...ugh!

Well, Marco will not be going home today, I was hoping that they may change their minds but of course they didn't. We will try again for tomorrow. Meanwhile it's good like that he can be watched for anything and to make sure he is ok to go home.

Marco had been walking around the floor today and the last walk the PT took him off the floor to the new PT room with all the bikes so Marco took it upon himself to tell the girl that she could use any of the equipment she wanted. So she said you want to get on the bike and Marco said yes. Ten minutes later Marco got off and walked back to his room. My jaw dropped to my knee because I missed it , I was waiting for him in the room then ran to the bathroom and when I came back he had just arrived from his tour. Unbelievable the things he does. GREAT JOB HONEY!!!

We just want to go home and see our kids we have been missing Machini since Monday and DLP since yesterday. We love and miss you guys. The phone is just not enough, hope to see you guys soon.

It's been a very long, exhausting day today with test and nurses coming and going. We will be going to sleep early and hope Marco has a good night tonight with out waking up to much.

Night Ya'll


Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...

Good night. Hopefully you guys get some rest. It was good to see you guys even for a quick visit. Momma M was relieved to see Marco sitting. She'll be happy to know he was up doing his physical therapy. Thanks!

Moshura's Sister said...

He must have been channeling Lance Armstrong on that bike!

Anonymous said...

Good night! Make sure u watch him really good and he doesn't take off in the in middle of the night in the bike, lol.

Glad to hear he's energetic and with a positive attitude, Way to go Marcus. Hang in there you'll be home soon!
Laura & Beto

Anonymous said...

a bike!!!!!!! is he crazy. lol

Keep getting better. Looch