Saturday, March 20, 2010


I told Marco that we were going for a walk....I went outside the room to let the nurse know that I was going to take him on a walk as she was hanging up the phone and she said he can't leave his room and she followed me to the door and said we had to take extra precaution because she just got off the phone with the doctor who told her the test were back and he had a severe intestinal infection and he couldn't go walk ....he was going to be quarantined.....WHAT THE F ! is all I could thing off.

Your F'n kidding me. So, I told Marco and he took the news with stride. So here comes the PCA with a bag full of yellow gowns that I and the nurses had to wear. With a warning to wear at all times in the room and drop in a certain container. Holy Shit just like in ET or some kind of weird movie like that. So no one is allowed in.

So the whole day while we waited for the test to come back I had Marco do his exercises that they gave him to do. He has been doing his breathing and fighting the chills and fever all at the same time. The medications he is on are strong to help with the pain but it also has his mind going 100 miles an hours but one or the other and the medication is for all the good reasons.

Just seeing him like this and all he has gone through since Monday breaks my heart but it seems like they have a handle on it now. This is just part of a reality we are faced with everyday that at any given time anything could be triggered and we just have to deal with it as it comes as scary as it may be ....we face it and move on.

I told Momma M today we have been dealing with so much this week that I had forgotten to stop and be joyful that Marco is now cancer free, in remission. There is absolutely no cancer in his body as of Monday and we haven't had a chance to breath, sigh, cry, hug, enjoy yet. The emotions of this week has overpowered that moment for us but we will be happy with just having the chills and fever go away and that is enough for now we can hug and everything else later.

I think I am noticing life now like Forrest Gump ...."Life is like a box of never know what you are going to get." and its so try it's like you bite into one chocolate and it's all good and all then maybe the one you bit into a couple of days later you bite into it and you spit it out and say what the hell were they thinking making that shit and you put it back in the box ...why we do that I don't know maybe for someone else to experience that nasty ass chocolate or just to see their reaction maybe but it's always something new everyday good or bad.

With that said Marco's chocolate is a nasty ass one, so we are just waiting for him to try the good one and get him home.

Meanwhile quarantined!! Don't know till when will update later.........


Moshura's Sister said...

Unbelievable. Tell him he'll just have to start craving all the hospital menu items. We can't take a risk with any bistro or outside food from unreliable sources! Hear that Marco!!?? No more hot dogs (or salt sticks as he called them)!! Hang in there Marie.

Anonymous said...

Surviving : 3 under 5
My goodness Weezee
I cant believe everything Marcs has been thru. An intestinal infection how was that caused?
I assume he is still in ICU?
Can he eat? I am sending a big hug and wishing a speedy recovery now that they have an idea of the issues. Love you Marcs. Weezee sending you a big hug. Keep positive. V

Anonymous said...

Leezy120 said...
Quarantined and seeing how serious the matter is Marco please stick to the hospital food. We are hoping for a speedy recovery for you so you shouldn't take your chances on what might taste good only for a couple of seconds or minutes that it might take for you to eat the food or drink the sodas. Skinny guy said when he had an infection he stuck to chicken broth and hospital food. I didn't know he was hospitalized for an infection until today that I told him that's what you had. Just make it easy for you and the Wife and order from the menu. After you heal we'll get you all of your cravings!! Your tummy will appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Skinny Guy said...

I guess leezy.But my hospital food was chicken broth,beef broth,jello and juice.YUM!!!!
So Get Used To It You Don't want to End Up getting sicker from eating a BBQ pork sandwich from a chinese food place.Like I got Sick from eating a burger from a chicken place.I Wondered Why My Nurse Got Angry When ODAT snuck me in some Rallys.You have some nice nurses.but mine said "Yuu halve Tu bee eating liquids". best nurse impression I can think of.So other then that Hope You Get Well Soon.Maybe When Your Tummy Gets Better we'll have Tommy's.