Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Together

Here in this picture is Sal, Monica, Laura, Beto, NoNo, Liz, Marco and myself posing.

All the kids with their dad's .......

All of the guys had fun laughing and reminiscing of good times and all they did. They would all want to get together every time they would see each other. They would make comments that let's get together and BBQ and bring all the family. Till I go tired of hearing them and I made it a point and called everyone and they all came to the park and had a great time. Who knew that this would happened after so many years .....that I would be the one to call them to get together...if someone would have told me that 20 some years ago I would of thought they were crazy...funny how things come about....
The smiles just show you that they all had a great time! Marco especially had a great time hanging out with his old buddies.

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