Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Starting Chemo Again

Our lives have been shaken up by the thought that Marco has to again endure all the probing needles, dealing with the IV hook-up's, dealing with the aftermath of nausea, vomiting, possibly loosing his hair yet again, dealing with the chemo brain in such a short amount of time ....this time around.
I wonder how strong these chemo that they are going to give him this time are going to be. It's going to be 2 rounds of this shit to shrink them.

Really putting my positive energy that he is able to tolerate it as well as he has had in the past. I hate this, he is called in and is read what the bag says, like we know what the hell it means. "You will be getting this, this, some of that, along with this, with an explanation of what each does and it should run about this amount of time."

There is something about seeing the shit dripping into the the chamber before entering the tube that will eventually go into his veins.
As soon as you know it went in, the pit of my stomach just tightens and all I can think about is I fuck'n hope it works.

Well, today Marco will start a new regimen of Chemo. Out Patient: He will get first dose this morning, he will return in eight days and get the second dose. Then go back to get a Nulasta shot to boost up his immune system.
After twenty-two days he will again do the same as above mentioned, x-ray's will be done to see if the tumor has shrunk. If so, the plan is to do surgery to remove it.

The tumor is near the chest wall, up on his scapula. Surgery would be performed by Dr. Trisal. This would be a big surgery, reconstruction and cosmetic construction would be need too. He will have a longer recovery and with that lots of pain.

Handsome, I know that this is going to be another physical as well mental challenge for you. Let's see what this chemo does.....I hope it takes out this SOB for good! Time to take out the warrior outfit, I know you have it in you to face this shit again. You know that we all stand behind you on any decision you make.

Positive vibes with lots of love that this chemo does what it has to do. We all love you very much!!!!!! I want to say that I appreciate all that you do...for yourself and for us to get better, and the kids know all the extra effort you put in for them too. As stupid as this may sound but thank you ......for fighting everyday and continue to fight for your life these last 3 years.


Anonymous said...

muther eff! ok so whats the visiting protocol>? disinfection by hose? bubble? antibacterial rubdown?.. and clothes change? or just wash the hands and wear a mask?


The Wife said...

Just wash your hands,and if you have been exposed to kids with flu symptoms or any other Ku-Deez stay home..... not kidding!