Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Started 2nd Chemo Cycle

Monday, Marco started his 2nd chemo cycle with Gemzar which was infused in a one and a half hour session at COH. It pretty much went smoothly.
We arrived early and basically called in on time. Marco is so funny after the nurse came and introduce herself to us she said she was going start the IV line and go see if the medication was ready and would be back in a bit.

As she leaves Marco looks over at me and says "do you think that nurse would get insulted if I told her something?".....I looked at him and asked " What are you going to tell her?" I even think I gave him one of those OH SHIT! what is going to come out your mouth. So, the nurse came into the room just as I asked him again what he was going to tell her.

And Marco blurs out ......" So how do you feel about starting an IV line?" What!!!! I thought I was going to choke on my own spit when we asked ....I was waiting for something like Did you know you are wearing your pants on backwards? or something along those lines.

So the nurse looks over at him and smiles and says good, I've been doing this for 20 something years and worked in the ER and was a paramedic so I know what I am doing.

We all laughed and Marco says "Good cause you only have one shot at this!" We all laughed again and she started to look for a good vein. She says I found it, so here we go. Marco said it wasn't bad at all. She did it quick.

He has been feeling some tiredness but over all, so far so good. His next chemo combo will be next Monday and that is the one that will make him sick so we are crossing our fingers that it will not get any worse than last time and he will be able to tolerate it again.

I forgot to mention that on Sunday, Marco's hair started to fall out I had to go and cut and shave his hair off. Can't begin to say how I feel about that. Hair or no hair I still love you Handsome!!


Anonymous said...

:) we're with you Marco!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hehe anythying to stave off multiple needle pricks! Maybe he should ask them for their credentials before they come into the room.
-Moshura's Sister

Karen said...

When I was on Gem/Tax in 2007 and 2007, it worked really well for me and I had significant shrinkage of all tumors.

I took Zofran on a schedule and almost never got nauseated.

The only time I had nausea on Gem/Tax was as a result of occasional horrific burping. It would last all day. It was like truck exhaust. It was so gross, my husband had to leave the room. And the burping really nauseated me. After two bouts, I talked to an oncologist "on call" who told me to start taking Prilosec every day for the rest of the chemo. The, if the burping ever started again, I was to drink an entire can of like 7UP, take my Prilosec, and go back to bed. When I woke up, the burping was gone! And it never recurred.

The Wife said...

Karen I will keep that in mind. I will ask his Dr. to see if it is ok to take along with his meds.

Marco does get that nasty taste in his mouth and irritating burning in his throat after he is given the Gem/Tax combo.

Though his burbs haven't gotten as bad as a truck exhaust but I guess I will be watching or should I say smelling for that. With gas mask on hand.

As for the nausea what really works for him is the ginger. Or I will zest a lemon and have him smell it that works too.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us.

Anonymous said...

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