Friday, September 3, 2010

Starting To Feel The Side Effects

Well today is day three after the last chemo was given for the first cycle. Marco woke up this morning not looking good but kept saying he was alright. Yeah, I know what alright means. He has been dragging himself from room to room. He looks so exhausted today and in lot of pain.

I have been taking his temperature just make sure he doesn't run a fever because he had been feeling warmer than normal but it has been a steady 99.9- 100. so he is good. But from experience we know that at any moment this can turn ugly and I have to drive him to COH to check if his platelet count has gone down or something else. So for now just keeping an eye on my handsome.

I hate to see him like just piss's me off. That he has to go through all this for no reason. And all this bullshit that all things happen for a reason is STUPID!!!!

His whole face changes when the pain is there and he says I'm ok, yet I see right through it. He is just exhausted and looks very tired. He says his whole body feels numb, it hurts from head to toe's and as I try to rub his back to sooth he says it hurts so he asks for me to stop. The immense feeling of not being able to do anything for him right now drives me crazy.

His appetite till today has been great. Today was Chinese food, not take out , I made it myself and boy was it delish. Diner time Marco didn't want to much so I think some nausea is still lingering from this morning. But he said it was good. Machini said he was impressed. How can a almost 7 year old tell me he is impressed by my cooking (hilarious), we all just busted out laughing.

Hoping the side affects are not going to get worse and that tomorrow is a better day for you handsome......
Thank you all for calling, thoughts and positive vibes... we feel the love!


Anonymous said...
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Montye said...

Praying for your complete healing.

Wanted to pass along a doctor that is curing my synovial sarcoma (diagnosed September 2009, spread to my lungs April 2010). After being given two years to live by the Mayo Clinic, I found a doctor named Nicholas Gonzalez in NYC ( He is amazing and cures cancer, all cancers even soft-tissue sarcoma. On his program (completely non-toxic) I have felt better each week and my numbers are dropping (a good thing - it means I am killing off the cancer in my lungs).

Anyway, just wanted to pass it along in case you ever need to look into other options.

All my best to you,