Monday, November 15, 2010

18 Years and Counting

Yesterday, we celebrated our 18th Anniversary.

Most of you know our story. We've known each other since we were 9 or 10. Grew up in the same neighborhood and we were high school sweet hearts you could say.
I proposed to Marco in June 92' and we were married that same year in November.

Had our beautiful daughter and then later we had or handsome little man.

Seems like just yesterday we were planning on getting married and planning our lives together. Our little family is our greatest accomplishments in life. We are lucky to have such great kids.

18 years looks like a long time on paper but it sure seems like just yesterday when you enjoy everyday with the one you love.

Happy Anniversary again Honey! I LOVE YOU!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful kids. Beautiful parents. Beautiful family! You are all trully amazing and teaching us all a lot.

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome!!