Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Academic Achievement!

Even with all the worries we have in our lives. Seeing Marco sick and tired all the time. Dealing with life changes that we have all had to do in such a short time.

The kids have done a great job keeping all their grades up in school.

In the beginning of this school year DLP was having a hard time with all her AP classes and she was even having a melt down at one point. Her grades where going down not because she wasn't doing her work but because these college class were kicking her butt.

After going to the meet the teachers night , the teachers mentioned that parents should expect to see the grades drop from students who were getting A's and B's to them getting D's and F's.

She asked for help to get these grades up. She finally got the hang of it. We are proud to say that she has done an amazing job and getting her grades up from D's and F's to B's and C's. We are so happy for you DLP! We are so proud of you G, we know you have worked hard to get these grades up and we appreciate all the time you spend after school to work to get these grades up.... determination and willingness great job!

Machini has had his share of fall outs in the last couple weeks but has also done a great job in his behavior and class work. He was named Star Student of the Week in school and has gotten 100% on all his spelling test. He even got the Top Banana for reading and doing his AR test with also 100%. Great job Machini!

As a parent you hope your kids do well in school, but when you have your life flip upside down from one day to another. You cross your fingers that your kids can coupe with everything around them and they have the strength and ability to move forward and maintain a "normal" routine in school and in daily life.

They prove it with the good grades and academic achievements in school.


Anonymous said...

You're all top bananas in my gradebook!!
-Moshura's Sis

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree!
I'm so proud of our DLP and Machini!!
Love ya!