Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching the "BIG ONE" on the Man-cation

Catching the "BIG ONE" off of Catalina

Marco was feeling good a couple of days before starting his 4th cycle of chemo....he decided he was going on a man-cation. The week before we decided not to let the kids go to school to enjoy a day at sea with us. I think its ok ...especially if Marco is feeling good. Hey we have to take advantage that he wants to take us too.

Marco called my dad and NoNo to go and they didn't hesitate to go on the man-cation with Marco.

After about 10min. Marco was able to pull this monster out of the water. A 21 lb. yellow tail was at the end of the line. He said it put up a fight and it had going all around the boat. I told him if he would of taken us, we would have video the whole thing. Marco said he was exhausted after bring the fish to the boat but it was worth it. I told him he should of asked for help to reel it in. His response was have to bring it in yourself. He had to catch his breath afterwards and even the deck hand asked if he was ok. He said it was all worth it! They had a great time!

Let me tell you that this Big'O thing didn't last too long. Marco had it all filleted and the next day we made it on the grill. Marco did a Korean BBQ and Salt and Pepper on the other. Let me tell you they were delicious. We still had enough to make a shrimp soup with the rest of the BIG ONE. Thank you honey .....GOOD EATS!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hahha, that guy behind looks jealous :)
-Moshura's Sister