Friday, November 12, 2010

Chemo Cycle and Combo #4

Monday, November 8th

Marco had combo #4 and it hasn't gone without body pain and some fever. Day 8 of the combo is something we do not look forward too. I see Marco in a lot of pain and not being able to take that away is heartbreaking. The pain comes from the immune system injection that he get on the 9th day after his combo chemo. This medication helps the body to produce more bone marrow and fight of the poison that has gone in his body. There is basically a war in his body and that is were his pain comes from.

His appetite has been good. Just has to eat real slow and with some difficulty to try to keep it in. But for the most part it stays in.

Monday , November 22 he has an appointment for a CT Scan and to see Dr. Chow. Will then find out if the chemotherapy has been working in shrinking the tumor or if there hasn't been any change or worse case scenario the tumor has continued to grow. Either way a plan should be put into play 1. continue with the chemo if tumor is shrinking to Dr. Chow's expectations 2. Hasn't shrunk but hasn't grown..poss. surgery or 3. The chemo hasn't done anything and it is still growing....?

We have to look at all the possibilities to be prepared.

We will keep you posted on what is going on as it comes. For now, Marco has another couple of bad days before he starts to feel better.


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One Day at a Time said...
It is always difficult to hear how hard it is for Marcus to go through this. Only him and you guys know what the experience is like...As you know, we will always offer our love and support and any other positive energy we can offer. Hope it gets better. Love you guys and look forward to seeing you this weekend:)

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P.S.One Day at a Time said...
If Marcus and family are up for a nice meal somewhere. Let me know. My treat! Sushi, seafood, steak? Mexican food...we have to go to my mommas for that:)

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Hoping for the best news possible on that day. But for today I hope it is a better day.