Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hasn't Shrunk and Hasn't Grown

Long Day at COH yesterday. First appointment was the CT Scan at 7am followed by labs at 9am. After a long chat with the financial lady and a couple of thousands on a credit card we didn't want to use, later. Marco was able to continue with his appointments.

Dr. Chow came into the room and let us know that the tumor hadn't grown but hadn't shrunk either. Looks like the tumor is starting to take liquid form instead of it being solid as it was meaning it is dying from the inside at a slower pace. Well this wasn't good or bad news we are stuck in a middle. Dr. Chow wanted Marco to see Dr. Grannis and see if surgery is still an option and if so Dr. Trisal will be assisting him in the surgery.

After our consultation was over Dr. Chow didn't want Marco to stop the chemo so he told Marco to continue with Cycle 5 while all the appointments were made and a decision was made in regards to the surgery date. So after 90 min. of Gemzar chemo, we were finally going to go get something to eat and go home or so we thought. As we arrived at our lunch destination Medicated Man noticed that one of our tires was flat, so we had to drive to La Puente to a Sears Auto Center to get it all taken care of. An hour and a half later the car was done. We finally got home , Marco was doing well even after a long day.
Will keep everyone posted on what will happen on the next appointment.

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Lisa said...

I have been reading your blog. My husband was recently diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma. We are now awaiting our first CT scan after chemo to see if the tumor has shrunk.