Friday, November 12, 2010

Matthew's First Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Marco was feeling good after having a hell of a week dealing with the side effects of the 3rd chemo. He decided the night before to go fishing. We know he was feeling better, when he says he wants to go fishing. So he invited Matthew this time, Matthew was so excited! He usually says no thanks I don't want to go........ when we invite him this time he said yes.

Marco told Matthew to bite the squid...yeah that was nasty and to close to his mouth. We all laughed and told him not to bite it.

It was a great day...the weather was perfect...the water was calm and we were catching fish. What more could you ask for. And not to mention that Marco was feeling good. We all had a great time together doing what we all love FISHING! Now Matthew says he is not staying home no more he will be going fishing from now on.

I had to help Matthew bring in his "BIG "catch of the day. He love fishing more than we thought.

Matthew looked like true fisherman.

Matthew showing off my fish.....

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Anonymous said...

Matthew looks alot like a lil' Marco in these pics!
-Moshura's Sis