Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not A Happy Camper

Well last night Marco had a high fever of 101.9, gave him some Tylenol and after an hour the temp just went down a little. Put some cold towel on his forehead and it helped after a long while. By 11pm temp came down to about 100.9 and about 1:30 this morning his temp was back up to 101.5 so again gave him some medicine and it seemed to work faster this time.

Marco has had body pain , especially on his left side. He is not a happy camper. He feels like shit and wishes all this chemo and everything he is going through will be enough for Dr. Grannis to want to do the surgery.

I hate to see him like this and hope we get good news on 12/10 ....even though we know he will be in more pain than ever but I least they will get the damn tumor out.

Will keep you posted ....

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One Day at Time Said...
As you know...we can never imagine how difficult it is for Marco to deal with this freaking "challenge". We can only offer love and support but please LET US KNOW!!!!!