Saturday, April 17, 2010

As Good As It Gets

Who knew after having our coffee this morning we would end up at the Auto Club Speedway for the Petty Driving Experience....HOLY SHIT! is what I thought when Celi call this morning and asked how Marco was doing...I told her he was feeling better slowly but surely. She asked if I thought he would be willing to meet at the track and I told her I didn't know. So I went to ask Marco what he thought and he said YES! Well we left the house like bats out of hell.
We met Celi there and before you know it we were gearing up for a ride along. The excitement kicked in as soon as Celi asked if I wanted to get in too....didn't take me long to say HELL YEAH!!

Geared up..helmet on waited to be called and them we got into the car and off we went and after a green and checkered flag we had an awesome ride , a once in a life time experience, the adrenaline was on high and we didn't feel pain before or after. This would have to be a major highlight in our Nascar experience. Thank you ! Thank you! Celi we appreciate it was even better spending the day out there with you guys.

We even had a chance to be in a segment for Univision channel 34, an interview that Celi was doing at the track which will air in May as soon as she lets us know when we will let you know so you all can see it too. AWESOME DAY TODAY!!!

I was so happy to see a great big smile on Marco's face. He was looking better after we arrived too. Tia Mona said he looked like shit when he got out of the car and his face just lit up like a kid at Christmas time before getting into the car. Very proud to see that nothing is going to keep him down ....Marco you took a major step forward in your recovery today and I was amazed to see the super strength you have and the determination to get better fast.

All antibiotics are now done and he is looking great....his hair is now dark and coming out in full force. Still need to take it easy but is doing great over all............