Friday, December 17, 2010

It Is What It Is......

We just got back from COH....just gets worse. Surgery is still up in the air, Dr. Trisal was going to bring Marco's case to the Sarcoma Conference today and the next couple of weeks to see if a plan can be put together were everyone agrees that surgery would be the way to go. This surgery as we all know will be very risk and more so as we found out today.

Dr. Trisal showed us Marco's scans and it shows a huge tumor that hasn't shrunk much but we were surprised to hear that there was a second tumor around that area, which is the one that has him worried... is extremely close to his aorta.
If surgery is agreed on... Marco will have to pay a big price starting with having his shoulder blade removed leaving him with some movement in his left arm.

With a hole as big as a Denny's pancake that will have to be reconstructed by a cement chest wall to help him breath and will take a piece of his lung as well. They will need to take a piece of his stomach on the right side to patch up and close him up after surgery. This is a tentative plan till the Sarcoma Conference makes a decision on what will be good to help Marco in the long run.

If they all agree and see that surgery is not an option for Marco to have a good quality of life then the tumors will grow and the cancer will take its course.
This is not what we wanted to hear but we knew it would be something they would eventually talk to us about. More than devastated is what I am feeling right now.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hoping For Pain Free Decisions

We are hoping for some pain free news today. We find out today if Marco has an option for surgery or if Plan B will take affect and what that will be. I hate not knowing what will be coming. Really hoping Dr. Grannis has a plan that will diminish the pain Marco has to endure everyday.

He should of been feeling better since Wed. but that hasn't been the case. This last chemo combo is really kicking his ass. The pain is worse and his leg is swollen and red. All the side affects seem to be lasting longer.

We will keep you posted......

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not A Happy Camper

Well last night Marco had a high fever of 101.9, gave him some Tylenol and after an hour the temp just went down a little. Put some cold towel on his forehead and it helped after a long while. By 11pm temp came down to about 100.9 and about 1:30 this morning his temp was back up to 101.5 so again gave him some medicine and it seemed to work faster this time.

Marco has had body pain , especially on his left side. He is not a happy camper. He feels like shit and wishes all this chemo and everything he is going through will be enough for Dr. Grannis to want to do the surgery.

I hate to see him like this and hope we get good news on 12/10 ....even though we know he will be in more pain than ever but I least they will get the damn tumor out.

Will keep you posted ....