Saturday, February 12, 2011

Down the Hatch

So today Marco saw the diet lady and she was surprised that Marco was eating all the foods on the list that she told him not to eat. But yeah we all know Marco and if he doesn't feel anything then everything is "good".
He has lost a total of 9 pound in the last 3 weeks and they do not want him to lose more weight. This is not good for the healing process but with all the chemo he had and the radiation he is having now, it is not easy for him to feel like eating.

He is starting to feel some irritation in his throat and down his esophagus. Today was the day he swallowed that nasty liquid gel they gave him to drink, to coat his esophagus to heal faster and he decided to tell me if I took a drink he would defiantly drink the rest with no problem.

So there I go and agree, oh hell no this was nasty but I held it in and swallowed it ....ugh the things I do. But the things Marco does to drink all that, was awful. He did a good job holding his nose and down the hatch. Good thing its only 3 times a day he needs to drink that, cause I don't think he could handle more than that.

He is now getting over his nasty cold too. He has also been very tired after every radiation treatment but he tries to do what he can till he is ready to lay down and rest.

Today he completed his 4th week of radiation and is doing okay so far, so now we are changing our way of eating with out a lot of spices...will see how this goes.
His platelets have been going down so they are going to continue to watch it, if it goes lower than 75 count we may need a transfusion, we hope he doesn't get there.

We are all sad by the news that "Amy" our dear friend and Gianina's social worker/counselor will be leaving us at the end of February. She will be missed and I wanted to let her know how much we appreciate all she has done for us and for listing and being there for Gianina when she needed someone to talk to when all hell breaks loose or just to hear the things that bother her at the moment. Truly appreciate all you do. THANK YOU!


Karen said...

Oh my what a good wife you are! I don't even want to suggest that my husband drink some goop for me, I can imagine the look I would get!

Hang in ther Marco! We are on your side in North Carolina.

amy said...

You are so very very very welcome. You will always be dear to my heart...honestly, not just empty words. All my love...