Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final Radiation

Wednesday 2/23/2011 was Marco's last radiation therapy. Next step surgery. Marco has been seeing and having a lot of xrays and test done to prepare for surgery.


We saw Dr.Grannis who reminded Marco that the surgery would be a huge surgery and they are worried more of blood lose and infection. Three doctors will be in the Operating Room so they are looking at their calendars to get together at the same time to be available for the surgery.

Seems that Marco is "Unique" not in the way that we all know him to be, this unique would be in a bad way we guess. As it was put its not that he is weird but "Unique" very unique.

Their is another patient that has a different sarcoma than Marco that also has had recurrence 4 times with chemo and radiation and it seemed to be coming back for whatever reason that the doctors can't explain.

This patient has been cancer free for 5 months and they are watching her closely. They are very dumb founded that they can't seem to get a handle on it and it seems to not respond just like Marco.

The good thing is that they are willing to fight with Marco to get a hold on it.

Again, I will be asking all Rally Monkey's to donate blood again. We would be very grateful if you could, I will let you know when as soon as the surgery date is given.

As for now Marco is dealing with some side affects from the radiation but is somewhat good. Very tired and hanging in their.


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Good luck my friend, my prayers is with yours. Just stay strong.