Thursday, March 24, 2011

Looking Forward To The Weekend.... Not The Surgery!

Back from COH and its a go for surgery on Monday. Like I said don't know how to really feel...a lot on the line this time around. Mix feelings about the whole thing.
I just get so mad, thinking of everything Marco is going to have tolerate come Monday. Screaming to the top of my lungs will do no good.

Asked Matthew today while waiting for Marco, if he knew his daddy was going to have surgery on Monday and he said yes! Gianina asked so how do you feel about that and he answered fine how are you? Lol......I asked Gianina how she felt? She said fine so they asked me and I replied SCARED! and Gianina said me too, Matthew said he was terrified!
We all laughed and continued to wait for Marco to come out of his tests. But we know that we are scared of the unknown basically.

This will be a huge surgery and the doctors have already told Marco it will be a long recovery.

We will be spending the weekend at the track. What better way to end the weekend before surgery. I don't cheer for the 99 Carl Edwards..AFLAC car but hope he wins to close a great weekend......LOL I almost believed that one....48 BABY!!!!!!

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rene said...

Our prayers are with you all! We love you very much! Speedy recovery to Marco!
- Rene, Soledad, e Isaac