Saturday, April 16, 2011

Battle Scars.....Marco vs. Sarcoma Cancer

We can never turn our backs on cancer. We always need to be vigilant of what is going on,all the time. If Marco starts to mention that something is bothering him, be it is a little pain here or there. You bet I am on ALERT. I turn into a spy, investigation and touching the area in case I can feel any bumps or lumps.

Marco had surgery in March 2010, two months later Marco was not recovering as fast as he should of been. He was still having pain and it wasn't getting any better. The bump I found on his back one day as I was massaging his back was about a dime size. I asked if it hurt he said no. I was a little worried, so we mentioned it to Dr. Grannis who then had a CT Scan done which confirmed that the cancer was back in the same area. Dr. Grannis was disappointed.

Going and coming out of surgery we know there is no guarantee that all the cancer is gone. All the X rays, CT Scans and blood work aren't able to pick up microscopic size tumors. That is what happened here. The pathology report came back negative for any cancer in the margins, but it came back with a vengeance. Dr. Chow started chemo treatment right away followed by radiation to try to shrink the tumors for surgery. The tumor that was closes to the spine and aorta had shrunk but the one under his shoulder blade started to grow bigger.

We decided to post these picture so you can see that cancer is a vicious disease and the scars it leaves behind. Most cancer patients look good on the outside as Marco does and even though they tell there story and how horrible it is no one really knows the extent of it all. Cancer is just not about chemo and radiation, it's not like a cold and its going to go away.

When someone says they are fighting cancer you bet your ass they are. They are giving it all they can to survive everyday to keep this thing away. When I say Marco is a warrior...I mean he is a WARRIOR, he as well as so many go through so much and the battle scars shows they are standing up to cancer so it doesn't show its ugly head.

The last two pictures are from his most recent surgery done on March 28, 2011.

This is the tumor that was bulging out of Marco's back. It was coming out from under his shoulder blade.

Dr. Tan measured and took a picture to have for surgical removal of tumor. He also wrote the measurements on Marco's back. The scar you see in the picture was the from surgery he had just had in March 2010.

Chest Tube was put in along with some drainage tubes on the side. Marco was really glad and able to do more after the chest tube was removed.

This is what Marco has now, the two drains on the side. A large battle scar.


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

My gosh! We see the battle scars on his body...but I also feel that the scars of worry are also as deep and as painful. You know the emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty, fear, sadness and anger from all of this Cancer. The weight of every appointment. The horror of each new tumor. The exhaustion of having to keep one step ahead of the cancer... or speeding up to tackle the reoccuring tumors. You have been through so much! You cease to amaze me with the courage you show in standing up to Cancer! And most importantly... continuing to Live with all your heart!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Marco!

~Cousin from HP