Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Report

Well, Marco went to go see Dr. Thomas the pain management guy and Dr. Trisal on Thursday. So I waited to see how the medication change would go before posting.

So far so good the new med. schedule seems to be tolerable for him. He is starting to sleep a bit more than before and you can see it in his face that the pain seems to be under control. Dr. Thomas said it was to be expected to have pain it was a huge surgery and a lot was removed.

Dr. Trisal was very happy and satisfied with the pathology report. He said it was all good news there was NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE in the all that was taken out. The tumors, 4 ribs, chest wall, part of the diaphragm,half of his shoulder blade and piece of lung his margins were clear of any disease. During the surgery the incision they cut a bit more around the diseased area till there is no evidence of cancer all the way around.

Dr. Trisal was very surprised to see Marco doing so well. Though he told him to take it easy it was a huge surgery but one day at a time for recovery.

He still has two drains on his side which may be pulled out next week. Dr. Tan is also getting him a compression vest to try to squeeze more of the fluid out of the cavity where the shoulder blade was removed so will see how that goes.

Marco has gotten on the treadmill to get his walking in and is doing very well with that. He just amazes me.

Marco will be checked every three months for two years. Every 6 months after that. Crossing every part of our bodies that can be crossed, that this shit doesn't poke its ugly head again.

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Gary said...

Congrats that's fantastic news and progress!