Thursday, April 28, 2011

One month ago....

Hard to believe that its been a month since Marco had his huge surgery. He has come a long way. He is able to do a bit more than before. This week he was told not to over due himself so they could take the last drain out on his side. Its been hard for him to find a comfortable spot to sleep, he wakes up feeling stiff from sleeping in one position all night. Some nights its just tossing and turning till there is no pain in one spot.

Once this drain is out he will be able to do more. He will be able to walk better and not concentrate on the drain hanging on the side and hope nothing or no one gets hooked on it so it doesn't get pulled out on accident. Marco still has lots of pain but its tolerable till his next medication time. He has also had some fatigue if he over dose himself. But over all he is okay.

Marco still has a couple more months before he can really start to do things in the mean while he is starting to make plans on what he wants to do, and that is a good thing. The Battle Scar that was left from this last fight is looking better. All the glue they used to close him up is almost all fallen off. Its amazing to see how this glue holds the skin closed and heals the area really good. Who ever invented it is a genius.

I wanted to take this time again to thank Dr.Chow for all the chemo cocktails that helped in the shrinkage of the tumors, Dr. Trisal for his awesome hands, and both of them for believing and fighting for Marco to be able to get this surgery done. Dr.Tan and Dr. Grannis for helping out in the surgery. All the Sarcoma Team that helped we are greatly thankful for your part in the surgery.

We like to thank all the Rally Monkey's for your blood donations. Saving a life is an awesome thing to do and we thank you for all you do. Family Support is what pulls and holds us up everyday. THANK YOU!!!

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