Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forget About It.......but just for 3 months

We got a call from COH on 6/16/2011 they wanted to see Marco, to give him his test results.

First appointment given was for 7/7/2011 but Marco couldn't wait so I told him to call and ask for a sooner appointment so they gave it to him on 6/16/2011 at 4:30pm.

Happy to report that it was a 50/50 kind of result....first the surgery area looks great, no recurrence and nothing on his right leg either, so excited about that.

But they did find a nodule in his right lung...they are not sure what it is, they will be keeping an eye on it and will take another CT Scan and MRI in 3 months.

Dr. Trisal didn't seem to be to concerned about it right now, but he did say they will keep an eye on it. So we will have to watch Marco and if anything different starts to come up we need to call them right away.

So for now he is to enjoy and forget about the nodule for the next 3 months.

Had a couple of happy tears to hear the good news of NED (No Evidence of Disease)


Anonymous said...

Hello Marco's Wife,
My name is Liz and I have been reading your blog for some time now. I am very happy to hear that the last test results came back NED. I am also thrilled to hear that Marco is on his way to planning/doing more of what he wants and less of what he is told, I am sure that this upcoming freedom to take control of his life is a good motivator for getting out there and I look forward to the next post, hopefully with even better news.
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Either way, thank you so much for your writing. Take care and best regards.
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Sjn said...

I had my 1st surgery for retroperitoneal Hemangiopericytoma 4 years ago. Since then I've had VATS twice, video assisted thoracic surgery, for 2 different lung nodules. They were fairly slow growing and we watched each of them for ~ 9 months. When they got to be 1cm the surgeon said it was time for them to come out. The good news is VAT's is a less invasive surgery. The chest tube causes the most pain, so just insist on an epidural and you'll be fine. I was back to playing golf after 6 weeks!