Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 3

Marco has been doing an amazing job. All his blood work and MRI look great. Doctor Jandial was so proud of his work. He was amazed at what Marco was doing, sitting up,walking and started to eat right away.

Doctor says everything on paper looks good and if it continue like this he could home tomorrow. Wish all goes well tonight so we can go home and rest.

Would like to thank everyone for everything. All your well wish and messages have been great and we appreciate it all. We love all you guys! Will post if Marco gets out tomorow


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

I have learned that Marcs is a fighter. He will push himself beyond what is expected. If they want 1 walk around the unit he will do 3.
I remember that when he had that terrible surgery in his lung. He had some complications had a hard time breathing and they wanted him to get up and walk.
Maria asked me to drive Machini to the Hospital NOW! to give Marcs some inspiration to be able to get up out of bed and walk.

I saw the severe pain he had in just breathing. But like no other.... Marcs got up and did it. He walked down the hall and stopped. He looked back at us. I know Machini gave him the strength to fight!

Machini told a nurse "That is my papa". Machini was so proud of him. Just as we all are of how hard he will fight for his Beautiful Gianina and Crazy Maria!

Anonymous said...

You would think he would take it ez to stay clear of the craziness those two crazy girls are always up to at home. Oh well. Hope you come home soon. Sorry Erom doesn't have any wise words... just says hope you feel better.