Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marco's Brain Surgery Update

The doctor notified us around 3:10 pm today that the surgery went as planned with no complications. He received a large incision to his head where they removed the tumor. The surgeon explained that the surgery went without a hitch but a crucial part of the process has yet to occur: we have to be sure there are no clots, no pooling of blood and other critical post-op monitoring has to take place in ICU. We will wait for Marco to awaken, which may be for a few more hours and will update the blog.


Anonymous said...

You can do this marcito. Make sure to tell them everything you feel...don't think they know. I hope it is a speedy recovery. Love you guys.

steve Mower said...

Glad to here the surgery whent with out a hitch. I am praying for you Marco and your family. Stay strong and hang in there. God Bless.

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Let me tell you that there was the moment that Maria and Gianina went back to see you after you surgery in ICU. Your Mom and Dad sat on the edge of their chairs. They sat and sat. waiting. waiting. Not a word. They looked so overwhelmed.I knew Maria had said no visitors. and I could feel that they were a bit heartbroken.
Then Maria came out and said that they could go see him and wave Hi to you. They ran out of there.
When they came back. THey were filled with an unexplicable ray of sunshine. Your Papa was smiling and you can imagine your Mama! All they did was see you for a brief minute or two but it energized them and all of us in the waiting room.
Beautiful Moment!! V