Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Radiation Set Up

Today was a long day at City of Hope. Marco's day started with an MRI of the brain. Followed by an out-patient mini surgery that lasted all of 45 sec. the 1hr and 30min was for prepping time. Dr Jandial said that he was going to place some tiny screws on his head for radiation treatment that will be starting this week. I was under the impression that the screws were small. I was shock to say the least, they are bigger than I imagined but ok. They gave him a little bit of sedative for the surgery, so he looked good when we went in after they were finished. The nurse said she didn't need to give him medication because he didn't have pain.

Later in the afternoon we met up with Fernando the Radiation Oncology Tech who took Marco to the back and thoroughly explained what the procedure would in tail. He's a funny guy, he did a great job in distracting Marco and myself from all the screwing he was doing on his head. It all looked like it hurt Marco's head but he said he was alright.

Looking at all the pictures just makes me think of all the shit Marco has been dealing with. Not to mention that his right leg has been bothering him since Sunday morning. I can't help but stress when ever Marco is in any kind of pain. He has an appointment next week for his MRI of his right leg, Marco wanted to wait till then to have it checked, hoping it does fall off by then.

The pain just doesn't seem to let him have a break. The pictures in the video say it all ....it is what it is so we deal with what come our way.

Marco will be starting his first radiation this week and will have 3 radiation treatments to the brain that will last 1hr and 30min each time. Once radiation is over they will remove the screws. He will continue to take his anti-seizure medication and now has to take some antibotics. Will keep you posted as updates come up.
We would like to Thank you again for all the well wishes and all the positive vibes from each and everyone of you. We love and appreciate you all. THANK YOU AGAIN!


Salt AND Pepper said...


"Love you Marco!"

Anonymous said...

Sending you all my prayers and positive thoughts that the treatment goes well

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

So I read the blog and I am so upset to hear that Marcs has to endure all of this. Then I talk to Marcs and he says "Hey! It was like going to the dentist... It was not that bad!

Ahhhh! Only Marcs would say getting screw in your skull... was not that bad. Most important... he told me "Guess what ... We had The Hat after all of the Appointments!" He knew I would be so jealous!

Somehow...you bring sanity to an insane situation.

How do you do that !!!!

Anonymous said...

Marco You have a strong will. May all that is positive and all the good and love that surrounds you pull you through this next battle. Seeing those pictures is a powerful reality check of what you are going through. I transfer to you and The Wife, DLP, and Machini my most positive thoughts, energy, vibes, love, and hope to get you through this. Leezy

Sjn said...

I totally agree w/ S&P... Cancer Sucks!
Prayers of healing for you Marco! This is a lot to deal with, hang in there man!