Monday, September 12, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

City of Hope called today,surgery will be at 11:30am. Do to the nature of the surgery and that Marco will be in ICU the majority of the time. No visitors will be allowed. As hard as this is for everyone in the family I am glad they all understand. Marco's recovery comes first. Gianina and I will be keeping everyone updated here on the blog and on facebook.
I will be giving all messages and well wishes to Marco if you would like to leave one. We appreciate it all the positive vibes.


Anonymous said...

Marcito. May all your brain cells that are beneficial stay in tact. I hope you have a good nap and don't have such a bad headache when you wake up with another battle scar. I hope the medicine helps you get better quick, but doesn't make u sound a little nutty. I hope this surgery goes by without a doubt or a hesitation. I hope your crazy body cells are ready for another ass kicking. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

We love you guys. We are with you in spirit...and thinking of you constantly. You are so strong and courageous Marco! Love your cousins in HP.