Monday, October 3, 2011

Appointments Cancelled

MRI and CT Scan were cancelled today, after an exchange of emails with Dr. Trisal this weekend. We let him know that he is doing radiation and he had the talon screws in. He recommended that we wait till the radiation is complete so we could reschedule the appointment.

All in all he is doing good, he hasn't had any side effects to the radiation. We hope it stays that way even after his last treatment on Friday, October 6th, they will be removing his talon screws at the end of the day too. He will be having his second radiation treatment tomorrow.

Marco has left the walker behind and is now using a cane. He has been trying to get rid of it too but, it may take a little more time to leave that one behind.


Sjn said...

I hope he continues to do well, without side effects.
I just finished 6 weeks of pelvic radiation post surgery for a recurrence of a retroperitoneal Sarcoma. I felt nausea almost the entire 6 weeks, and had bad stomach upset. I had to change my diet and take Immodium. I've been done 1 week and I already feel better.
God bless Marco and all my fellow Sarcoma fighters. Hoping for clean scans for all of us!

THE WIFE said...

Sjn thank you, We hope you continue to feel better each day. Having to deal with Sarcoma is tough, having to deal with pelvic radiation is tougher. But only the tough can get through all the obstacles placed in front of them. Clear scans for a long time would be GREAT!!!!

THE WIFE said...
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