Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brain Radiation Started Today

This morning I woke up nervous, nervous that Marco would start radiation to the brain. You would think this is something serious but once we got to COH the nervousness went away because I knew he was in good hands. I walked to the back with Marco as the Radiation Tech explained to Marco what was going to happen once he was in the room. I was able to take some pictures of the machine that Marco would be using for his 3 treatments.

This is the Tomo Therapy Machine that Marco will be placed in while getting his treatments. They had to place him on the table and they aliened him with the beam of lights.
Marco was waiting for the tech to come in and screw him on to the table to keep him from moving and to pin point were the radiation would be given. These machines are amazing.
Marco will lay on this table for approximately 1hr 30min but from the tech said only 16min would be actual radiation therapy. There are specialist who come in and out while the procedure is being performed to make sure everything is accurate and all is going well.
The tech had placed and aliened the screws on his head to the table and tightened them and made sure everything was good to go.
This is a picture of Marco in his position were he would stay without moving till radiation therapy would be completed.
Its hard to see Marco having to deal with these talon screws in his head. Tonight, Marco said he was very tired and has a headache 3 out of 10, I gave him some medication and it seemed to work for him, so that is good he may be able to sleep tonight. Next radiation will be on Tue. but Monday he has a busy day with lab work, MRI and CT Scan for Dr. Trisal and Dr. Chow.


Anonymous said...

I hope Monday goes well. Totally nuts to see all this happening. Next tattoo may just have to be. Wtf. Nothing makes any sense. I see no reason behind any of this life altering bs marcito keeps experiencing and you guys keep going through. I have heard people say well... as they say, everything happens for a reason. Major mistake on this one, too bad the genie isn't real to kick his/her ass. Grrr. Maybe grrr will do and not wtf. :)

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Very Thankful that City of Hope has you under it's wing. I understand the comfort you feel there. That place is full of people who really care for the patients at every moment of their day.