Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Week It Has Been.....

We had an appointment with Dr. Chow recently to confirm what we already knew that there would be no more chemo and no more surgeries. We hope that it doesn't come back, if it ain't there already. So far Marco is doing good, we continue to enjoy and take it one day at a time.

Marco will be having his stitches and staples removed from his head this Friday.. He has been waiting for awhile now and is anxious to get those things out. He started to loose some of his hair due to the radiation. I need to cut all his hair off and just sport a semi-balled look cause the radiation only affected one side, oppose to his hair falling off during his chemo which made all the hair fall off. Any which way his still look handsome to me.

Gianina is starting to feel better after they removed what they thought was a cyst turned out to be a "fatty" tumor on her upper breast area. They said not to worry about it , yeah tell that to a regular person. We worry about anything looking like a lump of any kind. So, I made sure to keep reminding them to take it to pathology to get it checked anyway. Results came back benign,negative. Stitches for her came out and she needs to wear special bandage to make sure no scar.

Abuelita (Marco's mom) gave us a fright recently. She ended up in the hospital with very low blood surgar and a stroke. Scary thought of what could of happend and just happy it turned out well.

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Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

toooooo much on your plate.