Friday, October 7, 2011

Last Radiation and Talon Screws Removed Today

Marco had his last brain radiation, all went well. Marco did mention to the tech today, that towards the end of the treatment he was seeing like a strobe light affect while in the machine. He would close his eyes and still see it even more. The tech told him it was normal for him to see that because the radiation was in his vision area. Not to worry. So, I asked today if he saw it and he said yes. But since they told us it was normal we didn't worry about it, cause it would go away shortly after he noticed it.

Marco's next appointment was to go to the ETC to have the talon screw removed. The truth I was a little worried of how they were going to remove them. I did figure a screwdriver would be involved somehow. But the great nurses in ETC sure new how to calm someones nerves. They are too funny The video says a lot of what was going on. Marco was not in any pain throughout the whole thing. He did very well and Rosalind did a great job. City of Hope has some amazing people working there.

The incisions are not that big, there are three staples closing them and they all look really good. He will be finishing up all his anti-seizure medication and then will no longer need them. We just need to watch him in case of anything but we hope nothing happens this weekend, we did see Dr. Chen after the ETC appointment and he told Marco that everything went well as far as the 3 radiation treatments and if he feels anything out of the ordinary he needs to call them quick but he didn't see he would have any problems. Let's hope so. We are so glad that those talon screws are out...maybe he can get some sleep now without really worrying if he would lean his head the wrong way and land on them.

The stitches will be taken out in 2 weeks which by then the staples will be removed as well. The only thing bugging Marco right now is the lifting limit...nothing over that mean he has to wait yet another 2 weeks before he can even think about......yes I am going to say it .....GO FISHING!!!!!!! He has been wanting to go since before his surgery to catch the big one that got away on his last trip.

But he has patience, he knows he can't go till he is good to go. Tonight all is well, Marco asked for some extra medication cause he is starting to feel some pain ,I guess the anesthesia has worn off and after tolerating it he need to have his medication. But all in all he is doing good, just looks and feels tired.

Thank you again to everyone for all your positive thought and well wishes we do appreciate them all.

NEXT APPOINTMENT: With Dr. Chow for follow up on Monday 10-10-2011 will let you know how that goes.

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Anonymous said...

I see the pictures and I see that your unconditional love can give this immense power and strength to endure so much. I'm hoping that your positive attitude, positive outlook, and sense of humor guides you through your healing. It helps me by putting my crazy nerves at ease. I don't know how I would handle so much. I admire you and love you Marco, The Wife, DLP, and Machini. Love Leezy