Saturday, October 8, 2011

Message From My Sister Ericka.....

Hi Guys,

It's Ericka. I was planning a Cancer Awareness Week Proposal and was looking around for goodies to sell and started messing around with shirts. Then I got to thinking and creating and BAM! We have a shirt to show our support for Marco. We will be ordering shirts soon, so please commit and send your money to me so we can get these sweet shirts ordered. Please send message to to get address to mail in your order and payment.

I will be placing orders for TWO different color shirts. --- You can order both( that would be awesome) or just one.

Black or Grey T-Shirt come in sizes YOUTH ys - yl and ADULT S-XXXL each shirt is $20.00 -
Grey Hoodie Sweater sizes as mentioned above is $35.00
We will be donating all proceeds to City of Hope. City of Hope has truly given us hope and slowly but surely we shall give back.
Get your orders in SOON please so we can get these shirts in quick.


Thanks Bunches. - ericka

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