Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Hawk

Saturday 10/22/2011

This week seemed like Marco was shedding off more hair than normal. Leaving a trail of hair everywhere on the pillow and especially on his shirts all the time. Well today he went to take a shower and as he came out and settled to go to bed he turned a certain way and all you saw was a bald spot just to the right of his left ear not to far from his incision. I leaned closer and most of the hair was gone. I reached in to feel around the area and more hair started to fall. Marco went to go tug on his hair and a chunck came out.

I told him I had to cut his hair, his response "Does that means I have to take another shower". Uh, yeah.... so I started to cut his hair and avoiding as much as I could not to get close to the stitches and staples still in his head. So now his is semi-bald till the stitches and staples come out on Friday so I can finish shaving it all.

Looks like a mini-mini hawk

Marco just seems to take everything in stride. While it just makes me angry that he has to deal with this on top of everything else.


Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

I did not realize that Marcs hair fell out with the radiation. I assumed that the chemo was always the culprit.

Anonymous said...

There is no one else like Marco on this planet. His mannerisms, kind heart, sense of humor, will to fight for his life, his open mind, well rounded person, intelligent, handsome, good spirit, tolerant, forgiving, creative, solution based, generous, and the list goes on. I'm lucky he's my brother. All he has endured in his life and all he has to put up with... All his life he has worked hard. I appreciate all that he is. Love, Leezy