Monday, October 31, 2011

Not An Easy Transition

When we first found out that Marco had cancer in 2007, we didn't know what the hell to do. We first went through disbelief, and we just came out of the doctor's office with those words said to us….."YOU HAVE CANCER." We knew then that we were in for a fight and in for the long haul, no matter where the road would lead us. It has not been an easy road at all.

We have always been very open between ourselves, with our kids and with everyone.
Our world, as we knew it, came to a standstill, and we have never looked back. We
were shifted into the world of cancer and all of its realities.

We knew that Marco would be fighting for his life. We knew that this type of cancer was un-cure-able and extremely aggressive. Aware that one day it would take his life.

Each surgery was life and death, each surgery meant we had more time to take advantage of, each surgery Marco knew the risks that he was facing and with each one we were more afraid than the last one. Each chemo he tolerated and dealt with the side effects. Chemo and radiation came with its risk and he would take them, even though he didn’t want too. He has faced so much and has had to deal with a lot.

We were aware of the 2mm nodule in his right lung seen last June when Dr.Trisal and his team discovered it. It would have been in October that he would have had a scan appointment, but due to the brain tumor that was detected and removed after Labor Day weekend, all of those scans were canceled due to metastasis to the brain, and this would change everything. The chest scan taken in ETC when the brain tumor was diagnosed showed the tumor in his right lung to be approx. 8mm. That is 6 mm larger. Due to the very aggressive nature of this disease and that several recurrences and metastasis to the brain and right lung have occurred, the Sarcoma Team at City of Hope have exhausted all treatment options to prolong Marco’s life.

Since COH is a treatment facility and there are no more treatments, Marco has been referred to hospice care. He will be enrolling in hospice care in a couple of days…which means that he will now be in their care for whatever is needed. He will be observed and treated only for pain management to make him comfortable and help us all with the next transition in his life. Marco looks and feels good right now, other than for the pain for previous surgery and he continues to have his postitive motivation and attitude no matter what.

We don't ponder on what will happen. We just take it one day at a time and enjoy
what he have. We face each day with positive vibes, a kiss, a smile, a tears and a laugh as we have been all these years.


Anonymous said...

Mnfn cancer. Smnfnpos. It doesn't help working with those that take life for granted. It doesn't help having to put up with bs when nothing but bs keeps mounting up on the home front. Lame. Nothing but lameness and ruthless jabberwocky.

Anonymous said...

P.s. love u lots.

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Seems unreal one moment.... we can't let our mind go there..... then shockingly in your face raw the next. Real Real Real.

Marco you have always been an extraordinary person. The whole family fell in love with you from day 1. You have always been an honest, hardworking, caring, and loving big brother to me. Always a rolemodel. The way you have faced this terrible cancer has taught me how to live. Not by your words but by your actions. You have been so valiant, and courageous fighting this cancer and... you did all this and have kept your heart intact.

Still the sweetest guy around.

Count on me. V

Surviving 3 Under 5 said...

Thinking of Steel Magnolia's the movie. I saw a bit of it last week. I keep thinking... She should have just taken a swing at Weezer. I bet she would have felt better. It might feel really good to sock Weeezer. If I could only get me hands around Cancer. I would sock it really really really hard not once, or twice. But several times.
Kind of crazy... but just saying... I am usually not violent. But ... sounds good.

Anonymous said...

After reading that I don't know what to feel. Do I call? Do I write? Do I drive up and just say hi. Hard to put into words what I feel at the moment. Marco, your one of a kind. You have never been anything but nice to me. You even taught me how to smoke a turkey on the grill!!! Marco, your my bud, and always will be.

Lazy T

Anonymous said...

I know Mike and I didn't get to spend a lot of time with you when we met you, but I remember both of us saying what a awesome guy you are and what a neat family you have. Your sweet spirit left a lasting impression on us. We just want you to know that we have prayed and thought of you often. We will continue to pray for you whole family. These words seem shallow, but they are from our hearts. Love to you and yours,Connie and Mike Harper

rene said...

Primo, Words don't even begin to describe what I want to say. I know we haven't had a chance to see you very often . . . Just know that we Love you very much! I am very proud to have you as my primo, because you have gone through so much and still have the purest heart of gold!!


Anonymous said...

Love you Marcus and always will.

Anonymous said...

Marco, the wife and show us and are teaching us what love and family is really about. We see you live, enjoy and love your life...a great example to us all. We love you.

Your cousin from HP

Gary said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing and courageous story. In Maori (New Zealand culture) we have a saying called Kia Kaha, it means Be Strong but also Move Forward. Kia Kaha Marco!